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As soon as you full pregnant there are loads of transitions from the get go. At first they are so small you can hardly tell they are there, but you feel the symptoms of the little person growing inside you. Morning sickness, sore breasts and for me indigestion.

I knew something was not right, and as soon as my period was late, as it is regular as clock work, I bought a pregnancy test. In fact two. I found out I am pregnant with my first child.

Tip 1#I would always advise to do more than one pregnancy test just to make sure.

Then there are the differences in the scans, in the first one you can see a hand and foot, but at this stage we didn’t know the sex of the baby. This was confirmed at our 20 week scan, where you can make out hair, nose, mouth and if the baby has a male part or female.

You then start to feel movement, you can have further symptoms of sickness and indigestion. I kept getting acid re-flux a lot, cramp at the back of my leg, which was excruciating, and would often wake me up in agony.

Sorry to scare monger but it is true.


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Then as soon as they enter into the world, they continue to change. It is surprising how quickly they develop, smiling, making noises, reacting to sound, images on the TV, recognizing the things they like and don’t.

Then they go from just having milk to then solids, then proper food, and less milk. They can suddenly roll over, sit up, stand, walk and then start to talk.

Now my son is going to nursery, and last week we altered his cot into a toddler bed.


The picture is of my son Henry, who just woke up from his nap today in this photo so looking a bit grumpy, as I was writing this blog. This was taken whilst he was in his cot which we have taken one of the sides off from, to then put the Bed Rail  up you see in the photo, from Argos priced at £19.99. This turns it into a Toddler bed.

Tip 2# I would recommend one of these cots, where you can change it into a toddler bed, as they are really a great money saver

We also bought him a new mattress too, as the other one was becoming worn and he had, had that since he first slept in his cot. Mattress from Argos, priced at £99.99.

The first night we changed the bed, I knew it would take him some time to get used to. My husband and I, just knew that Henry had outgrown his cot as it was and so it was time to change it.

He appeared to settle well at his bedtime, which is usually between 6:30 to 7pm, and got straight into bed. We had put a new gate on to his door aswell. So he couldn’t wonder around the house at night. The Gates were also from Argos at £19.99. We bought two, one for Henry’s room and one for the other entrance into our kitchen.

Putting up the Bed rail was not easy. It took a bit of time to figure out, and so my hubby put it up for me in the end.

Tip 3# If you can have someone help you with putting the bed rail up then do so. I still adamant that as parents we do need more than two hands from time to time.

As luck would have it, as soon as I got into bed, my son woke up, and kept getting up.

So settled him back down, checked his nappy, the temperature of his room, if he was thirsty and also he can have a blocked nose, so I spray his nose with  Calpol Nose spray, then settled him down.

It took a while, but eventually he did settle. I sat with him for a bit whilst he drifted off.

Advice: #It is all new to them, so don’t be surprised if they get a bit anxious at first about the change.

You will know, when it is time for the transition.


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Nursery is a massive transition. I took for grunted I think at first, of how much of a change this would be for us all.

It was a brand new nursery and it so happened that my mum knew the people who were building and owned the nursery. So we went to see it with Henry for ourselves, as we had such wonderful feedback, and Henry walked in as if he was already attending the nursery.

I had no idea how it worked now. It was years since I went to nursery. I would drop him off and leave; however the last settle in, it was only and hour and I got a call to say Henry had a temperature and to come back to collect him.

I next time, had to let them know how Henry is before dropping him off. He had been fine all that morning so I hadn’t thought anything of it.

I felt so bad, and I did cry too.

Now it’s as if those days didn’t exist and he goes in as if there was never an issue.

Tip 4#They can become a bit weary at first. As it can take a while for them to really suss out what is happening. When the realization that mummy or daddy goes, and he stays there can be an unsettling shock to them at first. I would recommend to stay for a bit so they know that you are just there. Once you see them happy playing and have forgotten you, then go and take some free time to yourself.

When Henry realized that we, mum and dad come back, he then settled in fine.

I felt lost the first time I had to leave Henry at nursery, and I had no idea what to do. I had all the must do’s listed, but put on the spot the to do list went out the window.

Transitions are part of growth. As adults we are still going through transitions. Becoming a parent is a massive transition, getting married, changing jobs and old age.

Tip 5# Gradual steps I have found to be the perfect way to build their confidence with transitions. Before taking them to nursery for example, I would recommend some children’s classes such as Monkey Music, Gymboree or Tumble Tots, Play Schools, and soft play cafes. It helps build their social skills ready for nursery. Children tend to copy other children, which in turn helps their development and skills even more.

The next thing will be potty training. It will take time, and if I find Henry isn’t ready then we will not continue until he is. With parenting you do have to be persistent and listen to your child. You will know, by his actions if he is ready or not. I find Henry will decide when he is ready not us.

So good luck with the transitions, remember it is part of their growing so don’t be too hard on yourself, as I know us parents can be at times, as you are learning too as much as they are. Take gradual steps so you can all get used to your child’s development and changes.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Occupational Therapy



So if you are like me, have not had children before and you are new to the parent world too, then you may have your own first child about to attend Occupational Therapy. I can reassure you if you do have any worries, there is no need. They are really great way to help your child’s development.

You may have heard of Occupational Therapy and associated it with the older generation, but they also provide these sessions to babies and children too, for free in the UK. If you feel your child will benefit from these sessions speak to your local Health Clinic or Doctor for advice.

All children develop at different stages, some can walk before they can talk and others can talk before they can walk. These classes are to encourage the power of speech using different activities. The sessions only go on for about 45 minutes and in Henry’s sessions they have two other children and no more.

It is very interesting to see how children are so different. There is one little boy who is into everything and as soon as he sees a toy he wants, it is very difficult to distract him, then there is another little boy does and follows wherever he is told to go, but does not say anything unless he is really pushed too, and even then it is very quiet.

With Henry he is still understanding words. We talk (my husband and I) to Henry all the time, and he is picking up a lot of words now, but I can see he can still be a bit puzzled as to understanding what the other person is saying.

Henry learns by observing a lot, like many children, and when he sees another child doing something he straight away will try and copy.

So I see him watching the other children and then I see him working out what he has to do. Or what the occupational therapist is trying to say.

See below a video which is an example of an Occupational Therapy Trust in Greenwich.

At the beginning of the session: Every child is encouraged to take of their shoes and socks

Then occupational therapist encourages them to sing the greeting song “Hello (Child’s name” for the child to say Hello.

They have to sit on a coloured dot or a bubble cushion.

Middle of the session: Playing different activities which includes a theme, last week it was different fruit and vegetables, which they had to pick up and put down, then put back into the basket.

They again sang a song to encourage these skills.

We all then moved to playing at the table and each child is given and object or a piece of paper. The first session the children had a clowns face and they stuck cut out pieces of paper onto the clowns face.

Then they each get a toy to choose. Every child gets a turn twice each.

At the end of the session: They do an assort course and then are encouraged to put their shoes and socks back on and sing the end of session song, again to encourage them to say goodbye.

Once the session is over we (the parents and guardians) are given homework to do, to help continue on what they had learned in the Occupational Sessions, last week it was various activities involving fruit and vegetables. Playing shops. Getting the children to point out a fruit and vegetable or pick them up.


These have been an education to me aswell, being the parent and I had no idea there was a different type of signing you can do aswell to help encourage a child’s speech. Speaking to my mum about it, a friend whom is a childminder does this too.

See this video which shows examples of signing you can do to help encourage your child to talk with the skill of their hands.


Games I invent at home to help Henry’s Development

We often play a game, called “Where’s Spongebob”. basically we hide his cuddly toy SpongeBob and Henry will go and find him. As he gets nearer we say if he is getting colder or warmer. Giving a clue or providing encouragement really helps him to stay focused on the game, as they can quickly lose interest.

It is a great game as it teaches them to use their site for observation and make decisions. Thinking is a great way to get their mind active and using the right tools to complete tasks. This hand in hand will help them in the future too.

You can do this game with any cuddly toy. Pick one they always play with regularly and put in a box or on the sofa with a blanket over the top and say “Where is SpongeBob?” for example and encourage them to find it, and look every where. It is good if you look like you are looking for it too.

The other games we play is if I see a Rainbow and train, I will say Henry there’s the train, or there’s a rainbow and point, great at grabbing their attention and learning what they are interested in. Then you can use that to help build their skills more. Show them pictures and encourage them to say what it is they see. Get them to make choices of items. Not too many as they can easily get overwhelmed, but for example I will get two boxes of variety cereal, show him and say “Which one the one with the tiger or the one with the monkey picture on it”. It is great way to help them identify pictures and make associations with words.

Now I am off because my son now wants play time so we are going to have that time.

I would recommend Occupational Therapy as it is a weight off your shoulders too. We always think as parents we should know how to help our children’s development, but why should we? We aren’t robots who are programmed but living creatures who go on what we think is right most of the time, and question ourselves, but getting that expert help can make all the difference.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





An Update on Parenting

So since the last time I posted a blog on this page my son has grown and developed so much, he is now saying many words and trying to mimic sounds, and wants to explore wherever we go.

At 2 years old their routine does change slightly and between 10 months to 2 years their transition from a baby to a toddler as they start to lose their baby features into a little child, quadruples as they start to do more new things each day.

They say “Health professionals” that a child who was born premature have caught up by the time they are 2 years old, but in watching and observing my son, I do not believe this to be true, as it depends on each child. Every child is different, and no matter what it may say on a chart doesn’t mean that this is the case. Their numbers and charts are based on statistics a lot of the time, but not on fact. I can see for myself where Henry is advanced in his age and development and where he still got some catching up to do.

He is very social and interactive. His observation is second to none, but he is still got some catching up to do in terms of speaking and feeding himself. We are getting there but just needs a bit more persistence from us and practice.

We are now looking into nurseries for Henry, which he is ready to go, and this will really help a lot. You will find that between 10 months to 2 years their nap times will change as they continue to grow, having more growth spurts, meaning that their appetite may increase.

When Henry has a tantrum it usually is because he is trying to tell us something but he gets frustrated because he can’t properly communicate yet, and so we do try to step back and observe him to find out what it is. It is usually is because, he is thirsty, needs his blanket over him as he will fuss if we put it over him straight away, we will usually do this when he is a sleep as he has always been a very warm little boy, he needs another nappy change and wants to sleep but can’t, nose needs clearing or he just wants to know that someone is there. We will have the light deemed slightly before he goes off. We also do a bedtime ritual that includes calm peaceful music, deemed light, all toys away, dinner, brush of teeth, last nappy change and then story time.

It can be mind boggling sometimes to workout what to do, when they won’t settle or they have melt down, or how to get them from fussing when out and you’reToddler melt down image trying to have some time out and have a coffee, but you just have to do your best, forget about those onlookers and those that give that look as if to say “Can’t you quiet him down I’m trying to have a coffee too” but then remember you will never be the first one, that is what children do, as soon as they find they feet they want to be off. A great place to go is the Soft Play Cafe’s as you are with other parents, children can play and you can still have a coffee and chat.

I did see if I could provide a link to a list of Soft Play Cafes but there doesn’t appear to be one. I found out about these by accident when I was looking for the Gymboree class I was going to take Henry to and then heard about the ones close by where I live.

The Soft Play Cafes are brilliant as an alternative to the park, because lets face it living in the UK you never know what the weather will be like and if it is running cats and dogs outside then these Play Cafes are the place to go.

There are also many classes like Monkey Music which I take Henry to once a week for half and hour, and they have different classes from 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years.

It is teaching children different skills through music. I have seen how much this has helped Henry as he is learning when to sit still, when his name is called to walk over he will and high-five, tap on the box and will now walk around the room with me, instead of fighting against me which he used to do.

So I will report back soon. I now have YouTube Channel Carries Realworld where I film Days in My Life, about Parenting, Hauls, My home organisation, cooking and baking, and sharing the favourite parts of my life.

I also have a new website called

So many thanks for reading, and see you again soon.


Carrie X



What to pack in your baby bag plus, see my new blog on wordpress page The Birth of My baby Son

HI All,

Please see link below of my new blog on my other wordpress page The Birth Of My Baby Son.

If you are a new mum or a mum-to-be then heres help on what to pack in your baby bag.

  • 4 vests
  • 2 spare baby grows or tops and bottoms
  • 5 nappies
  • Pack of baby wipes and a spare if your current opened pack is low.
  • Nappy cream
  • A couple of toys
  • 4 snacks if they are weaning.
  • A food pouch for lunch, already made finger food (pieces of cucumber, a fruit such as banana or melon, cheese, ham with little pieces of bread or crackers) or a sandwich.
  • A bottle of water or milk, depending on age of baby. 0-1 water or milk (if still having milk during the day and not being breastfed) 12 months+ bottle of water if no milk now during the day.

This is a guide on what I have packed for my son, as they grow you will find you may need less, example vests I now take 2 and 1 spare top and a pair of bottoms if really mucky or any nappy accidents occur.

I thought I would share this to help as when your baby first arrives you can end up taking everything accept the kitchen sink so gives you an idea of what to pack. Please, please, one lesson I learned is not to spend a lot of money on a baby changing bag. I did and only used twice and now given this away. I bought a cheaper one from Avon, which I now use all the time and I will most a picture of this along with my vlog created to show you what I currently pack for my son when going out. Now sometimes I don’t use a changing bag on some occasions, and use my see-through toiletry bag as it fits perfectly in the basket underneath the pushchair and a separate handbag for his bottle, sun cream and my belongings.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

The Style of Weaning

My new blog on The Parenting Adventures, which has also being published on my blog website:


You have all the food prepared, which has been blitzed, your son like mine may freak out a bit because of the noise of the blender which you say to him “Don’t worry just getting your dinner ready” him looking at you trying to suss out what it is you are actually saying.

It is pureed or to the point where some bits are chunky as now you want to encourage him to start chewing, using his new set of teeth that have come through; you have him sitting in his high chair or baby chair that can be moved up so you baby can sit up right, you put his bib on and you get the muslin and kitchen towel ready, for any spillages and dribbles.

Your son knows now that when he see this colourful little bowl that it is meal time, you spoon the food to feed him and takes a taste and screws his face as if to say “What on earth is this?”.

You think oh no “Is it good or bad?” and you serve him another bit of the food and he turns his head away, swishing his hand to push the spoon away which now it is all over your son and yourself, and you think “lets add more milk or warm water and still he turns away, screams as if to say “No this is disgusting stop serving this muck”, and you feel that all your efforts to preparing this lovely dish for your child was a complete waste of time.

Your child has no idea how long it has taken to prepare this food, the courage it took especially if not cooked or made a fresh meal before but you wanted to for your little one. It can be so frustrating and you can feel like it is a personal attack on you.

At the moment you may not believe me when I say “It isn’t anything personal” you see what I think is misunderstood and I have realised this watching my little bubs develop from when I first saw him in his incubator was that they make decisions from the moment they are born. E.g. when our son was tiny and a day old, he didn’t like being stroked he would wriggle and make a little wincing sound as if to say “whoever that is get off I am trying to sleep”.

When they don’t like certain foods it is their way of learning what they like and don’t like by tasting different foods and flavours. It can be off putting when they refuse to eat some food you have prepared, but it is part of their development. When they do like a meal you have made, then it will 1. Be a relief 2. See if they have sweet tooth or like sour foods, or both 3. If they have any foods that disagrees with them (allergy, gives them a bade tummy or makes them sick).

It can be hard work but it can also be a great time and fun. I would say try sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, bananas, sweetcorn, peas, and added to baby rice for example, mixed in with their milk can really help just blitz down at first so there are no bits, as at first they need to get used to the tastes and the foods, and then when they get to 9 months or so you can make it a little chunkier to encourage them to chew.

At the moment our son is not really getting finger foods, as he will put in his mouth, bang it on his walk or high chair then throw it on the floor. If you have not got used to mess, then you will do by the time your son has gotten used to normal foods. I say make sure you have your Dettol wipes and baby wipes at hand for any mess made, you just have to accept that babies are mucky, they see it as something they can eat, throw and spread all over any surface they come into contact with.

For good ideas on help with baby food their are some great tips on The Baby Centre and Net Mums.

I found the HiPP, Heinz, Elle’s Kitchen and Boots Organic food pouches were brilliant and still using them up to 10 months plus, to the food pots for 1-3 years. However it whatever works for your baby, some may take to the jars better or from home fresh foods. I do a mixture of using the pouches and making some meals for our son with our own food, to get him used to eating what we eat.

For the record Boots, Wilkinsons, Morrisons, Sainsburies and Asda, all do some great deals on baby food from all the stages of weaning.

I hope this useful to all those mums out there, and lets get our babies fed.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

One year on

My son is now 14 months and I think to myself where has the time gone.

I still get amazed with how much he had grown, to those who have subscribed on my wordpress site, many thanks.

I will be using this form of blogging again, but I do have a blog website too where I also post blogs about my parenthood adventures on

It has been an amazing experience, challenging but I would not change it for the world.

We have had tears and tantrums when trying to wean him onto our food aswell as baby food. Thank the lord for Elle’s Kitchen, Aptamil, Heinz and Boots do a good range of their own baby food too, and do a great price on nappies.

However seeing him eat a Petit Filous yogurt, a bit of chocolate (I know not the best thing to give please don’t judge me just wanted to see if he liked it or not) and little pieces of bread, which he has liked has been indescribable same with seeing him smile, talk, hold his head up, crawl, sit up and now standing for the first time.

Being a mum has changed my life and also my views on things. I think as you get older your look on things changes and opinions as you do see things differently when you reach certain stages of your life. Example how I saw things when I was 20 is now different to how I see things now as I am now in my 30’s. Being a mum changes the way you see things too, like working and on things such as bullying how I see myself, because I know that if I am not careful my son will pick up on my insecurities.

Also I have to watch what I say, trying not to swear is hard. I know I need to do it we tried the swearing box but didn’t last as I would have had no money at all. However with practice and persistence my cursing has got a lot better.

I do have to do things out of my comfort zone, like at the moment I am looking for a Childminder and it is hard trying to find a good total stranger to look after my child. Obviously I will meet them first but as a mum I can’t help but worry and the prospect of having to call around and meet up with the person I do get very apprehensive as I find certain social situations difficult.

However I know it will get sorted and I am enjoying present at the moment with my son but also looking forward to the future too.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

10 things I’ve learned as a parent

1. That I need 4 hands instead of two, I can multi task but some things such as pushing a pram whilst holding a shopping basket around supermarket just impossible.

2. How to change my sons nappy whilst competing a personal best, without him screaming he actually smiles and loves nappy change time. He just screams when clothes have to go back on, he loves baby massage and would recommend this class to all new mums or new mums to be.

3. How much I love the weekends when I can properly recuperate and let daddy take over, even though I still do the 4am feed of a morning; don’t know how that one works out but never mind.

4. How to bake and entertain my son at the same time lay him on his play mat or changing mat so he can watch TV or turn to see me so I can speak to him whilst I bake. Doesn’t last long though, but I enjoy the moment whilst it lasts.

5. How my husband can be given instructions about feeding and forget within 2 seconds and does something completely different to what I’ve said. Sorry guys don’t wanna be sexist but you do appear to have short term memory problems. To all mums write it down or send a text, and I know it gets on there nerves but nagging just does a purpose and appears to help daddy to remember.

6. I don’t mind people coming up to me and telling how much my baby has so much hair and is gorgeous, as it is nice, but why do they do it when I am carrying a heavy basket of shopping around a supermarket and trying to push the pram at the same time, hence whilst the majority of my shopping is done online. This brings me back to number 1, we ladies need more hands.

7. How teleshopping in the morning and the food network channel brings me delight when feeding my son at 4am. I tell you there are some good products out there, and good thing I don’t have time or money to buy otherwise I would be in serious debt.

8. Speaking to other mums is a God send and gives me comfort sharing experiences and I know I am not the only one who feels tired all the time. However good to speak to experience mums who know that things will get better as I am told. So even though I do suffer from insomnia and always have done, I should at some point get at least a good amount of sleep again.

9. That seeing my sons smile first thing in the morning makes up for my lack of sleep and I love that I get plenty of cuddles.

10. That how much it can be hard at times, every minutes counts to me to now and would not change or want to miss a thing.

So now my son is over 4 months and now passed 10 pounds, it is wonderful to see him do different and new things each day.  Everyday is different as not sure what to expect half of the time, but love the fact that I get to spend the first years of my sons life seeing him grow.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x


What do you do when your child doesn’t settle ?

Today was a challenge as my 3 month old son Henry would not settle today, he was happy for a while but doesn’t appear to settle down on his own at the moment and it is very hard.

I tried feeding him early which he did drink as I think he does get extra hungry during the day now, which is good in one respect as at least it isn’t at night time, but even this didn’t settle him. He did fall a sleep on me after his feed this afternoon and gave him extra to his normal amount and appeared to be sound a sleep. As soon as I put him in his Moses Basket his eyes opened and started to cry again. I tried to push the basket up and down as this does calm him but as soon as I stopped he would start to cry again.

I went through the changing of the nappy, but was fine, so it was a long old day today. He did settle a bit when Glen my husband took over whilst I went for a run but not for very long.

He seems to be more unsettled except yesterday as I gave him an earlier feed yesterday afternoon which did work,  but towards the end of the evening he appears more unsettled even after his last feed in the evening, but once he does sleep he is a sleep for a long time until the morning now which is a blessing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Santa Claus is coming to town

My first Christmas as a parent and never thought I would have needed to take so much just to stay one night at my mums on Christmas day to boxing day. 6 large bags, 3 for baby and a basket (for his changing stuff) and 3 with presents. Only a small amount contains items for me and my husband; there wasn’t anymore room for much else. Thankfully we were going to my mums by car.


Henry was oblivious to the what was going on around him, no idea about the tug of war we had with the car seat, trying to adjust the straps and workout how the seatbelt goes, doesn’t help when it is pouring with rain either. I got to say car seats are not parent friendly and doesn’t help not having the instructions to hand will put on list to search.

No matter how you position your baby they always look uncomfortable even though he appeared to not as said give a blind bit of notice. He slept through the whole of the day practically until 8pm in the evening after fighting to get him changed for night time; he even slept through dinner with Christmas crackers going off, I just wish he would do this for the whole of night, but he is getting better touch wood.

It was nice having the night off too, as nan and Grandpa Tot took care of Henry for the night, but I still woke up at 4:30am and so checked to see if Henry needed his feed but had already been done and was a sleep.

However it did go smoothly and even though he will not have any idea about this Christmas it was good that he was here to give that extra buzz to the festive season.

It was nice that mummy got to have a drink at last too, not Christmas unless I can have a glass of snowball.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading,

Carrie x


The parenting adventures begin

This blog is in conjunction with my other new blog called The Birth of my baby son, which is under this link:

I had no idea even though I was trying to get myself prepared for when my baby arrived how tough and challenging it would be, being a new parent. My life has completely changed, and being that my son was born at 31 weeks instead of when he was supposed to arrive on the 9th January 2014, that added to the worry and the anxiety, as you aren’t sure what the next days would bring.

He is now over a month old and at home. I am still fighting with the baby blues, one minute I feel I am in control next minute I am in tears because the milk I’d got ready for my baby’s feed time had fallen on the floor, or when I cuddle my baby he instantly is looking for milk and wants to be fed, but when my husband cuddles him he just wants to sleep.

My mummy brain has so much to remember, Henry’s medicines, getting the write measurement of milk, bathing him, expressing, and as it Christmas making sure all my gifts are bought and shopping has been done, health visits, doctor visits and the never ending washing of clothes.

The bottles we had bought originally from the baby show at London Olympic in October on recommendation are useless and had to change the type of bottle Henry uses because he didn’t like the teat so had to change to a Avent Vari flow teat, so paid £26.50 on bottles that we don’t really use only to mix up the milk before adding it into his bottle he feeds from.

I never knew that babies even at the one month stage could make so many strange noises, and I worry about the noises and then I worry when he suddenly goes quiet. I try to sleep but can’t because I can’t help but listen to our new baby, Henry’s every sound.

I thought my husband had a lot of wind, our new son could fart the house down compared to my other half. You try to feed and wind your new baby the best you can without much coming up but no matter how careful your are his new clean clothes you just changed him into before his feed once again has regurgitated milk all over them, so you have to give an hour after his feed to change him once again.

Bath times are the funniest my other half and I agree at first we will get everything ready before had to help make it easier and to help make bath time peaceful time, but your other half goes a bit too far ahead and before you know it he had had decided to the strip the baby naked before the fresh clean clothes, clean nappy have been prepared and set out and bath has been run. You are like “hey mister I thought we were gonna get all the bits ready first before you have now made our baby completely naked” Our son is now screaming because he had no idea why he is now naked.

You try your hardest not to criticise your spouse but it is tough and now you are arguing because the peaceful and relaxing bath has now turned into a row and both parties (mum and dad) are now getting frustrated with each other as it seemed hubby was on a further page of our plan than mummy was. So now we both just want to get it over and done with, because the baby is now inconsolable too. Bath is finished all is right with the world again, until your baby starts doing the looking for milk movements and you know any minute he will be screaming for milk.

You try to keep calm try to keep baby from crying by rocking and cuddling and telling him “It will be alright milk is on it’s way” Like he can reply “Ok mummy I’m fine”.baby in bath

My son had now got the knack of grabbing my fingers that are holding the bottle like a shark attacking a fish into his mouth and when you try to pull the bottle from him to wind him, he decides otherwise and continues to suck for milk and now you have milk over you and him.

Why are babies so hungry at night? At first you think “No he can’t be hungry yet he already drunk 100ml and now he wants more”, but you give in as he is screaming and crying gets louder and longer, nothing else seems to work and you decide to feed him hoping to make him tired, but no at 2 O’clock in the morning he is still wide awake. My new son had developed a little game where he will look like he will go to sleep so you put the bottle away and then cuddle him for a couple of minutes, and then as you get ready to put him into his cot he suddenly wakes again wanting more milk.

You can’t help but laugh at things your new baby does, the way your baby looks so innocent but can also be crafty doing the pretend to be a sleep or he will whilst feeding him which he kept doing when we first fed him in the hospital by bottle putting his tongue at the top of his mouth or keeping lips tightly closed, or he has decided then to fall a sleep for real, so you’ve ended up wasting half a bottle of milk.

Now I am gonna go downstairs to see if Henry has settled as daddy finished Henry’s morning feed whilst mum (me) drank my tea and tidied, and see what today parenting adventures will bring.

Who knows we may be able to get through a day without having any spilt milk and thank God the bath has been done until the next couple days or so.

Goodbye for now. Thanks for reading,

Carrie X