Kids and associations

Kids are a lot more clicked on that we underestimate them at times, but kids now seem to be a lot more self aware of themselves now compared to when I was a kid. You can tell what era they were born in, and make associations about things they see, hear, taste and smell. So they begin as they grow to use all of these senses, along with touch.

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So for example, they will see that food because they see you eat it, they will see that food is for eating, but then early in their life a lot of things can end up in their mouths if not careful. When working in a nursery there were kids who would try eating a crayon or sand, as soon as your back was turned.

They don’t often realise, but they also follow regular patterns od each day, and not learning about time, know when it is time for their breakfast, when it it time to play and when it is leading up to bedtime.

They will begin to remember things, like where the park is from their home, when they see the pond they know they may see ducks and swans. They know what things are, like a funfair or know what a toyshop looks like. Kids at first when born and I didn’t know this until I became a parent, and that they associate you, mum mainly, food and drink, especially if they are breastfed. So as soon as I held Henry, my son he would cry for food and make the motion to feed, but I found breastfeeding a hard task because I wasn’t producing a enough and Henry it appeared to not know how to latch on, but I now wished I had kept with it, as from looking back he did, it was my milk that was the problem.

There is breastfeeding counselling now, which I would defintely do if there is a next time, because I will learn a bit more about and with Henry I was ignorate to it, thinking I’d produce milk like a tap, but that was not the case. From baby age, I found that with Henry he knew who people were instantly and it would be by the words they’d say and they do copy, and so yes watch the swearing, as I am guilty of swearing in front of my son, and so, I try my hardest not too. I don’t want reports from school saying he is rude and saying bad words. It can make them become isolated, and I found that making a song and dance out of it too, encouraged it a lot more. So I will says “Kind words Henry” and they can do it, to get a reaction from you, so by saying “Kind words” and ingnoring it, he will stop as he see’s he gets the wrong attention if he does.

As they grow they will associate things that soothes them, when they want a bit of stimulation, like a certain song, a sport, a TV programme and story telling and books. They will at first look at the pictures, but then begin to associate the image with the word.

They start to know different colours they see, unless they are Colour Blind, or they are unable to see at all, but they will have stronger senses, like touch, hear, see and taste. They will start to know more of what they like and don’t. They will start to associate relationships with people and other children and who they are and if they are a friend or not.

It is all about understanding what is what.

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Parenting Drama, How to avoid it and stop arguments between the other parent

Hello and welcome! So yesterday there were a few arguments, not me but between other people as I had an appointment discussing my work and what I want to do next. It was an argument between a person who was on security and another employee and I felt so awkward witnessing this and it was about letting people in and it made me think of parents when they argue in front of their kids.

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I have been there and it can make the child not knowing what to do. So when Parenting becomes a drama because you and the other parent doesn’t get along, how do you deal with it.

  1. Set up a placed where you can just talk to the other parent or time to sit and chat, when your child is at nursery, being looked after by a friend or at school, of when they can’t hear
  2. Talk to each other sensibly and without rage, and if you need to go outside for example as it is getting too much, give yourself and the other parent time and space recuperate
  3. Stop being bad cop or good cop, and be on the same page. Kids should come first and not used as a weapon
  4. Ignore emotional blackmail and again if you need to take step back and get perspective with another parent’s views you discuss as adults, then do and get to a place with your minds, that both parents are included in your kids lives, unless they are abusive or violent
  5. Remember kids have a voice too, so if they want to express themselves then let that happen, as children do have a sixth sense and they will learn what is going on and see it so don’t push them aside, but sit and chat with them. Kids often won’t let on how much they know is going on, so hear them and listen to what they want
  6. Have a family discussion so if you have a lot of children then sit with them and have a family meeting to discuss any issues you and they have, and this can help all of you in being happy

Never forget we are all humans including our children and it is important that we treat them that way.

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Kick start to being a parent/Having time just you and them

First of all. Thank you to those who have followed me as I continue to write blogs on this site, honestly, you help me continue the skill I love and I glad that you like them. I would not be here still if it wasn’t for you supporting my blogs and so a BIG BIG THANK YOU!

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So kick start being a parent. Life changing experience you’ll always remember, but not telling you how to parent but what will help you.

  1. A good cup of coffee or tea, with a good book to read when you get 10 minutes from your children who may cry, run in my case and you just need to take that time to enjoy such luxuries
  2. Get into a good TV or video series on Youtube. I always need my daily dosage and gives me time to rest and take some time away from everyday errands as a parent, like rushing on school days and afterschool clubs. Parenting is a busy business
  3. A playlist of music and dance to when you and your kids are doing chores or if they are napping and you can get the home together, even the tiniess of jobs. Its good to see ticks on a to do list rather than crossing outs
  4. Meeting the girls for drinks. We all need that time to see our friends without our kids at times. It does not mean we don’t care, but to have that time to chat, dance and catch up on your girlfriends and have a nice evening to yourself, just makes a nice change
  5. Take up a hobby. It is good to learn new skills and good for you and your kids and why not do a hobby that you all can do for a change of environment, being indoors especially as lockdown has started to move on, and it can be painting, playing football, going to football matches, running a family team and get other friends with kids involved too
  6. Have your meals prepped for the week. Something I miss doing and would like to have Henry helping me now in the kitchen preparing meals, great for them in being independent and how to make good nutrious meals
  7. Get your kids to shop with a list instead of you and have them meal plan along with washing up and doing their own laundry instead of you
  8. Have time with your kids making lists of when they do chores on what rewards they woudl like, but are doable and have a chart of what they have done for the reward, like have them strip their beds to be washed or made them. All of these skills will help as adults and its good grounding activities that you can do as a family unit, even if you are a single parent.
  9. Have kids writing a story and have the read them out to you. Writing is a must in skills and letter writing too. Just skills that will create memories and develop good relationships with other kids and other people
  10. Go for family walks and spend time visiting different places, but following the COVID socialising rules.

I do also do a Youtube series on my Youtube channel called Truth About Parenting check out my latest one.

Truth about parenting: Skills that kids should be learning.

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Discovering what our kids really want

Kids cab be like a jigsaw puzzle where we think we have found the pieces to help build them only to find that we haven’t got it right once again. I have lacked confidents being a parent and trying to please kids all the time is hard work, but I think its because we underestimate their true feelings about how they see the world differently to you.

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Have a chat about what they would like and I was this weekend watching the comedy Outnumbered where the kids are very like they have a explanation for everything whilst they are trying to have a family outting in London. This reminded me of my own sitauation.

Henry can be very hard to please and wants a large Thomas Tank Engine train but checking out Hamleys in London, found nothing and I did offer to buy him a toy there but some were quite expensive and weren’t that much to them. so now on the look out and every item I showed him, he said no to.

With Henry though he isn’t possessive over seeeing new toys, he just likes to see them moving and never gets upset about not having a toy. He does play his tipping point machine and watches videos on his tablet, but he will pick up a toy if there is something he wants. I do have to be careful of the price, but I save money so I can treat him, but if he mucks about or does get annoyed then I will take him out of the environment and then crouch so we have eye contact, very important and then ask “Do you really want that toy?”. I only buy the on item and he knows that it is one toy and that’s it.

I will give Henry options like or I will tell him what we are doing, and then he will decide where he would like to go to first, and he is good at making those decisions and stick with them, but checking with them. As you ask a kid 5 times there is bound to be a different answer so say “So we going to Hamleys first?” at which he will say yes to, and then get the bus back, and he will say usually that he wants to go on a train.

I think it is important to allow kids a chance to have a day where they make the descion, and they feel included and more agreeable when you had over the decision making hat, for a day or two.

It is about allowing them to use their voice, us to listen to them and be part of it rather than being forced to go out or to choose a toy.

I find even though we can still have strops it can be lesser than you being the parent, calling the shots all of the time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

School run how it has been better

I thought I would document this as I struggle and get very anxious over the school run and want to let you know about this because it can be a mission getting kids to school. Henry because of his previous school didn’t think he suited it when going up to the third year there, he was referred and now goes to another school he now has a taxi arranged by the local authority to pick him up to take him to and from school.

It did take a while for this to be sorted out, but now it has been done and I do feel a lot better. I hope you don’t see this as selfish but it was his previous school who made it clear they wanted him to change so we did, and had to contact an outside travel service and didn’t realise it was not straight forward when it came to the transport to his new school.

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms for Kids

I do feel that his previous school had let us down as they initially said that Henry would be helped and thrive in their open evening but not the case. For the first week and two days, I had to take him by local transport and called a taxi and turned up first time fine, but the other one didn’t turn up and so had to get two buses and a real mission.

Now we get help in getting our son to school has been a Godsend and thankful that Henry hasn’t had a meltdown about it and loves it.

So if you can get help in getting your kids to school then find out about it, especially if like my situation it means paying a lot on travel and it just another thing you don’t have to worry about and just being their for when he is picked up and then dropped back, helps take the pressure from it.

If you can get help then take it. I know I chose to be a parent, but that should not have anything to do with it and as parents getting a bit of support in whatever area you find a struggle then take them up on it, making sure it is safe to do so.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

When kids Have a Meltdown About Going to School

This is a form of Separation anxiety and when Henry began nursery and school, he had this and in the schools in the UK do, is a “Moving up day” where they are taken to the school they are going to via nursery to be shown around and meet their teacher and just allows them to get to know school before beginning.

What To Do If Your Kid Is Afraid Of The First Day Of School, According To  An Expert

Yet, this week Henry began school, in a new place as he has 1 to 1 support for his development and further his learning.

He has been fine so far. Not tempting fate, and Friday he was greeted by the Taxi driver set up by Surrey council to be taken to the school due to distance and was fine.

It can happen at anytime depending on the child and how they see it, and this has to be respected and it is a shock to them, as school and nursery is not the same They have to get to know a new set of people and that can be scary. It was for me.

Taking my so to school on Thursday, there was a young girl in tears and it was upsetting to watch as she didn’t want to go in and let her guardian there leave and as a parent, if that is her parent, is very difficult to deal with, and when kids have a meltdown there often seems like there is no solution, and I bet the parent or carer of the child most probably gets anxious over it too.

Becoming a parent should never be underestimated as you are responsible for the child and it an be daunting as a parent, when it comes to school. To Henry we help to talk about school to help him get understand it and what he will be doing each day and Monday he is doing horse riding and when his teacher told me I was like WOW.

So it depends on the school, the teachers and the child. Just help your child prepare and they do adjust to it in the end, and its listening and observing them that can help.

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Carrie X

Its Official the new school year has begun!

Hello and welcome! Thank you for the likes of my blogs on this site, and the follows I have received. It really means a lot.

So the school year has begun and yes it is back doing the school run again, and for me I will be doing the school drop off and had to arrange transport for Monday and then again for the rest of the week ahead.

I have created a free Printable with a few tips to help kick start you, and about getting the kids involved.

This is free to download and print if you need some support in getting kids back to school, and it is all about planning ahead and getting everything together without the mad rush.

So I hope you find it useful and more blogs to come.

Many thanks for reading and downloading if you wish to.

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The Bank Holiday with kids Summer Hols 2021

Yes, and yes, it is another bank holiday and tomorow I see my son again and looking after him over the weekend before he is back at school, and for kids they just see it as another day, but teach them what they are for, and this month September was when Diana died and when 9/11 happened and so it is reflection of the two, yet I think its a good one because it creates an extra day until schools are back on.

So if you have children and you need a bit of help as to what to do, then here is what you can do:

  1. Instead of having a family roast on a Sunday why not have it on Monday instead and have a bank holiday party and be great end to the summer holidays. Have your kids help cook it, cooking is a great thing to teach and it was my nan who inspired me, as she loved to cook
  2. As they are going back to school help them create a vision board of all the things they have enjoyed during the school holidays and would like to do again
  3. Have them read a story to each other and create stories of their own
  4. Take a last minute trip to the seaside and have the search for seashells, I loved doing this as a kid and like my son to do the same, as shells are great for displaying in your home and completley free
  5. Have kids do knitting and sewing. I loved as a kid with my nan’s doing knitting and sewing and make garments and is a great to learn. Teach them to do their own alterations on clothes and one of my nieces make her own scrunches.

So lets get this last weekend done and then its here “School time again”, happy last weekend of the summer.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Shopping Ideas Post about Buying for kids/Birthdays and other occasions

I used to write these blogs on my other site Carries Verstile fashion on WordPress too about Shopping ideas, but because I write about many topics and sites wanted to do a Shopping Ideas post, when it comes to buying for kids.

Thank you for your feedback on my posts really means the world and I do a video on my Youtube Channel called Truth About Parenting each week so here is a link to watch them, along with other topics:

It can be tricky, especially when they are a sibling as they tend to, in my experience, receive hand-me-downs which i do recommend by the way, cause being a first time mother, it saved me a lot of money, and when you have other children to buy for being relatives, then it can be hard to know what to get them, when they change their favorite things all of the time.

They can have multiable things they like and so it is tricky to not get two of something. Often because of sibling rivalry you buy the other kids a gift in case the child who for example has a birthday, may get upset and it is good to do party bags for kids if it is birthday party.

When it comes to Chritmas I tend to do a theme for each year and try for example my nieces not getting something the other child has, and this can even be kids who have a huge age gap witht heir sibling.

Children also grow up so quickly and I was practically going through my son’s clothes and toys to hand down or to a charity shop.

With toys it can be hit and miss, as for me it has to be something my son is into and so I will observe what he currently likes and go with it for as long as I can before he becomes a fan of something else, and he is very much my son, as I as a child had many favourite gifts. Mine was beauty items, clothes or a record, and on year got a HiFi that I went ont using for years, and even now I have one. Its in my old home and when i do have my own place again will invest in one.

Choosing music is a great gift still so find out if they love in terms of music, and with digital technology you can make them their own compilation CD of songs they like.

The way to save money is to check out Charity shops, and that is where many of my son’s cuddly toys came from and books, and if you check Amazzon they will sell a series of books.

We have a store in the UK called The Works and they always have a deal on kids books and toys too.

Recycle gifts. I made Henry his own Advent Calendar, using boxes and toys from Christmas Craciers two years ago and would like to do the same this year too, and I used , toys received from Christmas Crackers and bought some other little toys from Pooundland, of course always make sure you supervise and wait until they are slightly older and no longer put objects in their mouths.

The other thing you can create is using recycliing items in your home to make thiings like spaceships or Airships out of plastic bottles, or reuse plastic containers from chinese restaurrant to make into gift boxes or to put little bits from games into and have them help orgainze the home, by making gifts you already have in your home.

I reuse Jewellery boxes as they are great items to use for other small gifs including giving all kids if having a birthday party, a keyring with their names on them inside.

Make them cupcakes with their names on them or homemade chocolates. Use milk coloured chocolate rather than dark as thart is better for making chocolates and for kids, or packages bags with smarties or fudge, if they like it.

So, never break the bank if on a low budget and you be surprised how you can create wonderful gifts that will be long term lasting memories.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

How to keeping tabs on your Childs learning through the Summer Holidays

Hello and welcome to another blog post. This weeks post is about your kids learning through the Summer Holidays.

So it is week 3 of the Summer Holidays and its been a lot of days out, I took Henry on a boat ride up London, from the London Waterloo Bridge to the Tower Of London, and sitting at the top it was a good journey and if you have an Oyster card it was cheaper than going on the London Eye site seeing cruise, and took Henry on a bus tour today, and that was with Golden Tours, if you want to do the same, it was really good learning as he is obsessed with the London Eye, and what you can do is afterwards is have them talk about it, and I am putting together a Summer Holiday Diary for him, and you can use a photo album, traditional scrapbooks or like I am using a Notebook/Journal.

My son playing with his buses

This morning I did some maths with Henry doing adding up, and counting, and there are some really good work books for different ages in stores like WHSmiths, The Works and even Poundland.

I have taken pictures of the books he has read to add to his Diary and gonna add the maths book too. Gonna take pictures of him play countdown, his favourite show, and he loves Tipping Point. Trivia is a great way to teach kids about things, and facts.

It is good to have them to have a learning space, and so when I have a new home would like to create this for my son and for other kids I hope to have, if not too late, being in my 40’s. You can use white boards or a pin, magnetic book to put a Summer Holiday Learning plan, and breaking it down thourgh the day.

The outdoors is important and if there are a kids summer club, then check these out, as my son craves for other children to play with, and so planning a play date is good and great for you too.

Does do what you can, but never stress.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Not Going Insane During the School Holidays

Hello and welcome to a new Parenting post, today is The Second week of the summer holidays and if you are going insane already you aren’t on your own and my patience has been challenged yet I got through it and so can you.

Kids come with many traits, stroppiness, answering back and full of energy and I am just glad I have my coffee to keep me from losing the plot and it has meant I have got my weeks worth of exercise.

Who needs a gym when your kids can make you run?

It means playing football a lot, cricket or WWF, yes and they say “Don’t try this at home” but as soon as I am picking stuff up of the floor to tidy I have a 7 year old who dive bombs and now I am wrestling to get up to drink my coffee that often goes cold. Good thing Iced coffees exist, as either way I get my energy and stay awake during the day for the course of the 6 weeks holidays.

If you wanna know what coffee I drink at the moment it is Nescafe but when buying a coffee out it is a caramel latte.

Should you use food when it comes to kids playing up?

Yes as they can play up when hungry and so I take snacks and water with me. My son doesn’t really drink flavoured drinks and it is milk or water and in terms of food I will take with me, crackers. or a sandwich, crisps. raisins and since COVID I will use my bank card and not take out cash but it depends where we go. If will often just take out like £20 in cash but if not need to then I don’t.

I tend to do different things during school holidays compared to when Henry is at school, like have an Ice Cream with my son, take a packed lunch and have a picnic and play ball somewhere or like tomorrow go to the seaside to see my family who live near there and having a lot of days out, as often kids especially if an only child at the minute, miss other children being around and when I used to go on holiday would make friends with new children who were also on holiday and being near the see helps me as a parent to keep my calm.

If they get upset when leaving then reassure them that they will have more time away and can write to them as I liked doing this I met a girl called Laura when I went to Devon one year to a holiday camp who lived in Nottingham and kept in touch. We have lost contact now but I loved as a kid to have penfriends and should be memerable for kids to look back on when they get older.

So more blogs to come and remember to #staysafe make sure you wear masks if required and wash your hands regularly when out due to the spread of germs and hand sanitizer.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

When kids are driving you mad!

You have one kid wanting ice cream, another wanting a choc ice and one that wants a lolly. They may moan that they want the same as another sibling or another child and they want you to stop working and play.

Sometimes it is impossible to please all children as they are all different and so they decide themselves of what they want and actually they are saying “I want to be equal”. That is possible but when kids have strops its them being a kid and being definant.

Am I saying that this isn’t bad behaviour?

190+ Angry kid Free Stock Photos - StockFreeImages

No, they need to learn communication and how to speak to other adults and kids in a kindly manner, but kids do come with hazards, like Wining, stamping their foot and one sentence my son says now and that is “I am not listening”. So say to them “Kind words” and “I am not listening too” and when I ignore him, he will then be the one who comes over to me to be sweet again.

You do have to stand your ground and let them know if they are crossing bad boundaries and you like “Polite children” but don’t go on and on about it. As I get fed up of people saying the same thing, but with a kids it may need to be repeated for them to get how they should communicate and how to still express themselves.

Kids will pick up bad behaviour at school and he has been spending time in a class where all the difficult kids go to prevent kids who aren’t separated. but for me that method is wrong. All kids should be included and be a cause of a child playing up. Remember kids still have feelings and emotions and for me is putting out a bad message to kids. You can badly bahave and we will segrigate you with other kids who play up and you get to play still but away from good behaved kids.

Even writing that I shake my head as kids learn from both type of kids and its learning how to be with other kids for when they build relations when they are older. For me it is encouraging bad behaviour not stopping it.

Remember the strops and shouting will stop and can be avoided if they see good behaved children and being a role model myself.

I want Henry to have a wonderful childhood filled with good memories and fun, but not encourage when they drive you up the wall.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Children and Being sick

Kid will get ill and i as a kid would be sick and anything going around like Tonsilitus I would get. In the hot weather we have had the more germs will spread.

7,519 Sick child Vector Images - Free & Royalty-free Sick child Vectors |  Depositphotos®

Childrens immune systems are still maturing and so their bodies take time in fighting off ilness and so here are some tips on keeping kids well:

  1. Carry round hand wipes and Sanitizer. Now I know they say that wipes are bad for the environment but carrying around flannels if you have more than one child is going to make things difficult. You could use one of all children but there can be more germs spread by flannels so wipes for me practical and less dangerous in passing diseases and viruses.
  2. Encourage kids to wash their hands. This is all throughout the day in the mornings when they begin school, when they have used the toilet through the day and when they get home from school.
  3. In heatwaves keep kids in the shade for part of the day as being out in the heat for too long can cause kids to overheat and so if you keep them safe in the shade in the afternoon when the weather can be at its hotest keep them cool and prevents over heating.
  4. Carry drinks or have your bank cards or money on you to get fresh cold water and wipe them down with a cool wipe can help keep their skin cool and body hydrated all of the time
  5. Invest in hats for your kids both for the summer and winter and light coloured clothing. Change them school clothes to fresh new clothes as you being surprised how much germs can be on school uniform and so keeps their school clothes clean for longer and have all unform washed altogether ready for school to be back as we get to the last week of term.
  6. Swimming gear should be removed after they have swam and be showered as clorine can effect kids skin and if clothes not rinsed out and wash can spread germs and smell after a while so take their swimming gear off ready to rinse, dry and washed for next time.

So I hope that these tips are helpful and remember #staysafe and #staycool.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X

When kids are pleased to see you

So I am helping with the School run again and it feels refreshing to be doing this again and it has been good Henry has been pleased to see me. I wrote a similar blog like this some time I think last http://when kids are pleased to see you year possibly and it often has been when I have picked him up he has asking for his dad and when I haven’t he has asked for me.

Children running in front school Royalty Free Vector Image

Kids change all of the time yet two days ago when I took him into school he was so pleased to see me that he sat at the dining table of my old home, I now live elsewhere, that I see we have a bond now like none other and its good to have this routine in my life again, but it was good to have a break from it too.

When it comes to school pick up the things I always take with me, is a snack as my son gets super hungry after he finishes and goes to the morning club on a Friday and so he will be ready to go home with me today and I will spending rest of Friday and Saturday with him and I make sure that he has a jumper or a fleece should the weather get cold and he always takes a healthy snack at school along with a bottle with cold water.

In the hot days we have been having I make sure Henry has sun cream on him and wears a hat to keep the sun away from his face. When doing the school run make sure you do a rehearse one to workout how long it will realistic take to get to school.

Reasure then if they get upset first as it can be a transition and you can’t underestimate it, by telling them you will be coming to pick them up or if not you who and when they will see you next.

So have good few weeks left of school and more posts to come. If you would like to see my new Truth about Parenting video then you can here: Truth About Parenting/Dream Feed and Dream Wee.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Truth about parenting video talking about/Having a child with ADHD

Hello and welcome! So I have been doing a series of videos on Youtube called Truth About Parenting and this weeks was about Having a child with ADHD and this was inspired by a video I watched of someone talking about their son with disability.

Thank you for liking my blogs on this site and following me it really means the world.

Check out my new Truth About Parenting video below:

It can have its challenges but its good side to as Henry will decide when to finish a game to play a new one and he is structured in the fact cause he knows without being told tidying things away. He can be definate if you get on his case so I don’t say it and often when I don’t he will tidy away when allowed to make that decision be his choice.

Henry can be very effecitonate, but sometimes would invade personal space, so I have had to tell him to “Give personal space” but not to the point of telling him off as such but to say if a child or adult says to him “Don’t” I will move him away and say “Too much not so close please just say hello and talk but not so close”.

He will often look at me with confusion as we hug all the time, which I would not give up for the world, and I see it, its that look to say “Well we cuddle why is it different?” and that is hard one to answer so I will say “will hug but lets have some space too and if it is me and you okay but other adults and children find it uncomfortable”.

Its being suttle but not restricting them. It is good for them to be sociable and caring so I never want to take that away, but still imply other peoples wants and learning about boundaries.

Kids with ADHD can be overly energized and I am like “It’s 4am in the morning how come he isn’t got his eyes on the floor” as I get out of bed and tread on a kids toy to the bathroom. Yet, I like having that time too, and he will watch his tablet, okay I hear the judging, but you do what you have to do, as us parents we can feel extra tired sometimes when they buzzing around the house causing havoc at 5am.

So its managing their ADHD in a way that it doesn’t excuse their behaviour when they get over stimulated with a lot of energy but keeping it down so we can spend ten minutes of reading for example, watching TV or playing magnetic darts, and keeping then from being bored as that is a trait of ADHD when they are bored they will become disruptive.

Many thanks for reading and watching my Youtube video, and there will be more to come

Carrie X

10 Parent Hacks and good habits

If you didn’t know I do have other WordPress sites where I talk alot about productivity and good habits, mainly on my WordPress site:

I thought I would share some parent hacks and good habits:

  1. With COVID guidlines alway make sure you have antibacteria wipes on you or pocket tissues and they wash their hands when they get to school and have hand gel on you too
  2. Have a getting ready for school section. So use a room that you use all of the time to hang their school uniform with bags and coats near the front door
  3. Go through their book bags, after school has finished and before they set off for school the next day
  4. Buy snacks you can pack without being refridgerated like Veggie Crisps, a packet of raisins or if it is a piece of fruit you have it in the fridge with their lunch boxes if they have packed lunch
  5. Have a regular clear out of their toys and clothes and what can be handed down or donated to other Children who may need the items the most. Check out my blog I did about this: Decluttering your kids rooms/Good ways to play outdoors
  6. Have your kids do chores and teach them how to have a good daily routine and they help with tasks like Laundry, emptying bins or dust
  7. Have them set up breakfast whilst you get yourself ready and have a functional dining table that can be used as a working from home table to breakfast to having meetings, to do homeschooling
  8. Make sure you look after their teeth and check them regularly and teach them to brush twice day, the morning before school and after
  9. Have them have sleepover so when they celebrate their birthday without us going home on our own. I used to do this a lot with friends. We’d go to a theme park in the day and then go back to one of the kids houses watch horror films and stay overnight. Sometimes my friends mum’s would order a Chinese takeaway or a pizza. Social interaction is important more since having two Lockdowns
  10. Teach kids how to recycle and make jars as storage to keep baking or crafting activities and use containers from chinese takeaway shops to help keep bits in. Anytime you recycle it stops landfill.

So I hope you find these helpful and to let you know I have a new book out called Mum&Me available from in Kindle and Paperback:

I also have some online courses available so check these out too:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Decluttering your kids rooms/Good ways to play outdoors

So the end of the school year is upon us and why not spend the final days of school a time to declutter and sort through their toys to get rid of ones no longer being played with for new toys that they do like to play and have them go through some toys to see what they would like to keep.

Skegness Seasiders are back | Stagecoach

Narrow it down to having 5 things to choose from and they put the other items they don’t in a bin and the same with clothes and furniture in their rooms.

Give their room a makeover and create space for them to play and have a place where they can be quiet and do puzzles, create home worksheets and go through their books they love and others that they haven’t read. Hack go through the books and turn them around, to see which ones have been read and ones that they haven’t and if their are books not suited for their age anymore that have them go through with you so they can choose the books to keep and others for donating and sell.

Have them read out in the garden and have a home picnic. Have then choose the food for their picnic by laying items out for them to choose, and include fruits, yogurts and other healthy snacks.

If they love water and you have space invest in a paddling pool and when it is okay take them swimming. I as a kid had swimming lessons and helps them stay safe in water and invest in armbands and good swimming clothes.

Go through their summer clothes and see which still fit and again have a pile to sell or items to donate. Separate them into age category and then colour. any that have marks on that didn’t come out in the wash despose and keep notes of the clothes you’d like to keep, throw and sell.

Any pictures of them frame and put it into their bedroom or use cards they have received in frames as many greeting cards can make good artwork.

To do something for your kids birthday that is different and more fun like hiring a party bus. As a kid I loved the trolley buses that were decorated with ribbon and I could sit at the top deck which had fun activities on. A couple of my friends on their wedding day hired out a bus and it was good fun and something to remember.

Have them wash your car or sort the garden out, plant some seeds so they can help grow your own salad leaves, tomatoes and herbs.

Its all about fun and loving life so encourage, support and a nurture and have them live the best life they could possbily have.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Parenting on the go and how to get through the end of term/Breaking up for the summer holidays

So around this time is when the schools get ready to shut down for the Summer Holidays, even though some schools hire out the school for kids to join the summer clubs that operate on them, and they can be good so why not apply for your child to go.

Henry my son did and last year when I booked for him to join a club outside of school he really enjoyed it.

147 Family Sitting Breakfast Table Garden Photos - Free & Royalty-Free  Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Kids feel it by the time it gets to this part of the school year, and can be a little grumpy when they know they have a few weeks left. So would you being the parent, as we go into Autopilot and try to plan for them but when I did this I then didn’t do all those things,

They need to rest and this is the perfect time, during the summer holidays to do that, so why not arrange a playdate to enjoy the summer weather and your kids can play happily in your garden of course if you have a flat not possible but can have a playdate in a local part somewhere.

Do you need to stick to a routine still?

Yes but you can let them sleep in as they can find the end of the a school year tiring, the same being a parent, and also have some days where they can have Pancakes for breakfast, making different food for the holidays different from when they eat when they come home from school.

Take them to have a breakfast in the garden when it is not too hot and then have a afternoon picnic in a local park. Do different things from the norm and why not go on a bike ride or for a walk with everyone.

Then eat out or pick up sandwiches and snacks to have outdoors.

Just make it excitable for them for the summer and then slowly wean then back into the school routine for when it returns.

Many thanks,

Carrie X

My New Book/Mum&Me

Aswell as writing blogs I am now writing books again and my book “Mum&Me” is now available under my name Carrie Holmes on in Kindle version and two paperback version, see link below:

It is based on a Mother and Daughter relationship, how they doubt each others driving and often arguing over Elizabeth not being tidy and Elizabeth the main charactor gets annoyed with her mother obssessive purchasing on TV Shopping channels and buying items on the internet, but ends up ordering the wrong thing.

Then there is Gloria, who is Elizabeth’s arch rival with her false lips, face and boobs, and only time Elizabeth and her Mum agree on Gloria who is the head of her son’s school PTFA and asks for import but if it not one she agrees on, only she can nake the decisions, which gets on Elizabeth’s nerves.

So check it out and many thanks in advance if you do purchase it.

Carrie X

5 Ways to Keep kids safe in the summer

The last thing you need when on holiday kids becoming unwell and when having a Holiday in Menorca as a kid I got Sunstroke and lost may days of that holiday feeling so unwell.

24,152 Children Playing Sun Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

With hotter climates you do have to make sure you children a safe from the sun, and not exposed to the heat and sun too much.

  1. Make sure they wear a hat, too keep the sun away from their head
  2. Use factor 30+ on their skin
  3. Not playing out too long in the heat, try to keep them in the shade for sometime
  4. Make sure they are wearing light colours or bright colours, so they state cool
  5. Take a bottle of water with you when going out for the day and keep it cool

It is important to be outside for some Vitamin D, bt that the same time be vigilant about the hot weather and making sure they stay safe.

So I hope you find this blog informative and Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Truth about Parenting/Having a hobby

Hello and check out my new Truth about parenting video, talking about how good it is for your kids to have a hobby.

I always had a hobby as a kid and so did my brother, and I would encourage swimming lessons, as this is a good way for them to be confident about water and learn how to swim.

If it is a sports club then why not learn to do sports coaching yourself. I am FA Qualified and ready to do my other badges, as you can set up a sports club for your child.

So I hope you enjoy this video thank you for your time,

Carrie L.M X

Teaching kids about how to make sensible decisions and living in a world of choice

There are many things you can teach your kids that they will help them in the future and teaching kids to make sensible decsions is one of them.

6,081,510 Children Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images

So what do I mean?

When it comes to clothing for example let them choose what they want to wear by laying some of their clothes. When it comes to books, let them choose books which are informative and easy to read and will help them establish good practices.

As soon as they start becoming aware of how to feed themselves than allow them to choose an item from their basket or draw of healthy baby snacks to eat, and let them tell you wish one they like, and show them the options they have.

When it comes to learning and doing education, at home then why not break the day in chunks to do different things as kids don’t like to doing the same things all of then time and neither do I, so it is good to break the days up where they do some sit down learning, physical play like sports and then widing down time with a good book, for the end of each day.

Get them to do a bit of acting if they want to do pretend play and create a story of existing plays like the classic wizard of oz or dancing to their favourite music, and let them choose the songs and have a mini disco, and now they can see friends why not have a play date with other parents to put on a children party.

If there have been kids who may not have had a birthday party due lockdown why not do one now, so they can still see some of their friends and family again. The same with visiting their grandparents, let them decide who they wish to be at their party and write a guest list of all their friends and family. It is good to allow kids to get involved as this helps with their growth and development, and have them greet the kids coming along with family.

Being a kid it should be all about living and learning as they reach each age in their childhood. Kids only get one birthday so even have the write the invitations and thank you guards for afterwards.

Children love it when you involve them into your plans and give them choices, not too much though , just a few that they have set out in front of them.

So let them be involved in their development as life is about learning and helping kids look after themselves without being helped all of the time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Teaching kids to share/How to teach kids to take turns

When you have only one TV and 5 kids then it is like “Right how do we make sure that all get a chance to watch what they want?” well, allocate time for each child on different days and create a TV planner on your fridge on on the living room table, for them to write down what programmes they like and want to watch. If there is one they all like then its right lets put it on, but if they have others that not everyone does like then create a TV schedule for each child, and if you have Sky or Now TV for example add the programme in a timer, or saved to record so it goes into the planner and allow them time in the week for them to watch that show, and do the same for all kids.

It is good to have kids play board games as they are a great way of teaching the to play together and form relationships and it good bonding time between you and then being the parent and with their siblings.

When it comes to toys find ones that can be easily shared like a talking cuddly toy, and you can sit with them and play, and this way you are giving yourself time with them, and letting them both you attention, or skipping. I loved it when we would do skipping and it would be a whoe load of us joining in.

Play a sport like volley ball, badminton or football, anything that doesn’t leave another child out. Then tthere are toys that is meant for one person to use at a time and what I would do is have a timer so each child has 15 to 20 minutes to play with that toy, and then they have to pass it ti the other chlld and given them an alternative toy, each so they are not left sitting there and swap over once the 20 minutes is up.

When it comes to each child and having one to one time, is just important and we can’t with all our powers as humans, separate ourselves physically so I would allow each child a day or just an hour or your time with just them and schedule this and let each child know together of when they will have one to one with each parent and have then choose itens of a list which you can work with them to write, and of what they wish to do.

Have a day out with each child having one to one and have them choose some activities they would like to do outside aswell as indoors and arrange it. Even if it is to have their haircut or some retail therapy. Just have that time and make it the same amount for each child in your family.

Its all about sharing and caring, and being free for each child and make them known that they are just as important as the other children you have in your household.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Parenting Schedule/Life can be such a mess

Hello!Yes time for another parenting blog, and today as i write this post I put together a new Parenting video about the mistakes I have made as a parent, as being a first time mum, this can often be the case so please checkout my Youtube channel to watch this new video:

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This blog post is about Parenting Schedule when it often ends up being changed, ignored or in the bin, so your day ends up being a mess and then you just wished you stayed in bed for the day. Yet with kids screaming it can feel like a duration from when you got up to when you finally go to bed.

I thought when Henry was the age to go to school, I would have loads of freetimes, but how wrong was I, as that time from dropping him off at school to picking him up would fly by. I often would feel I accomplished nothing and by the time I got free time in the evening it was already 9 O’clock.

At the moment I do have more free time as I don’t see my son at the moment as often, and I have started to feel the anxiety of our separation, and really looking forward to being in his life more and I love the hugs I get, but I miss watching TV in bed after a long day and taking him to a coffee shop so he can enjoy his chocolate muffin and taking him to many parks in London.

When do see him I now no longer worry about mess as I know it won’t be like that forever but will be done, and hugs and laughter playing magnetic darts for example is much more important than mess, so yes living in chaos can cause cleaning and home anxiety, but I would never choose tidying up over a big hug with my little dude.

Have a wonderful week and Stay safe, Stay Strong and #behappy I am all about the Easy Flexible parenting now and that is how I roll.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Spending time with little man, my new man/Sharing the Childcare

So at the moment I don’t see my son that often and I remember watching a video about Parent Anxiety and I didn’t really know what it was, but one night as I was laying down had this serge of emotion that I was missing my son to bits and it really got me, and now it is there and it is like “I want to see my son”.

Child Safety and Protection : Keeping our kids safe from Harm by [Carrie  L.M]

I feel that my #mentalhealth wasn’t being seen correctly and taking persons child away because of it, is the wrong thing to do, as then you can feel you have no control and that I know how to look after my son, I just needed a bit of help and a bit of compasion, but not have my son see me for ages. It was as if my #mentalhealth hit at and not supported.

Spending time with my will little man is so important to me as it keeps me calm, I feel that I am needed and that I am loved and only me and my son can see the love we have for each other.

I soon will be with my son again aswell as be spending time I have missed with the new man in my life and NOW I MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT!

I focus on what helps my son happy and I like for example have some treats stocked if he wants a biscuit and I will sit with him to watch his favourite kids show, and we enjoy each others company more now than before. I am not saying that him being apart from me has helped, but being able to look after myself with #mentalhealth but I just didn’t want to be seen that I was doing wrong being a mum who was struggling mentally. It doesn’t mean we no longer care or we are neglecting our children, we care more than anything and when we are together it has been like we have never been apart.

I didn’t want to excluded as this doesn’t help mental health it just adds to it. I love my son and he will and has been top of my priority. I was not in a happy relationship so I took the initiative to end it, but I never stopped my ex-husband not see our son, I just didn’t want to walk out on him and now I am with someone else, it has helped me and him more, because he looks more happy than anything and I love him more everytime I see him, and excluding people from our lives has been one of the best things and be in a happy place again too.

I now have new man that appreciates me more than anything we aren’t like housemates like it felt like my ex and that is not having a pop at him, but that’s how we both felt. I am with a man who gets me more than anyone and why I not telling the whole world of who he is, as I want to keep that part of my life private, but it has made a huge different to me and to my son.

So if you share the childcare then be civil if you have split with their father, and make sure you kids are the focus and that your kids needs are met.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Lets Work Together To Stop kids from abuse and bullying

I have been working a lot with kids who have been abused and bullied and it is shocking the things that people who hurt kids do, and it can continue on through to adulthood, and they will try and hold everything they can onto the victims, like they aren’t doing enough to hurt.

There are kids being trapped in schools all over the world and why should they have to have this dealt to them?

For me, anyone that thinks it is okay to hurt a child is inhumane and has no idea of the damage they do, or if they do, they in some way get off on it. It becomes the norm to those who carryout abuse and bullying, yet for a kid it can feel like a life sentence because they are at fault for being a child.

If you want to protect kids and not want to be seen as guilty and not put in prison then don’t do it. Who has given you the right to take away a kids childhood. How would have you liked it?

So when you look at your children tell them out loud that you love them, and that if they have any fears or worries you are there to listen and be a shoulder to cry on.

Kids are worth listening to and looked at with honest eyes, not those who lie and kill kids.

So #letsworktogether to stop child abuse and bullying to keep our kids safe and have childhoods full of happy memories.

Check out my site

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

Not Having Your Kids During Easter

So today it is Easter Sunday, when Jesus was killed and a young man, when he was unbelieved to be the son of God, and was seen as a fraud. I am here thinking about my son, and wish he was with me, but I know he is in a much safer place. Not because I have ever done any harm, but there are those that have and so are keeping him away.

Can you still celebrate Easter after the holidays if not during?

Yes, of course. I am going to write a family book about Easter as I was chatting with someone about a month ago, how although we have the story of the death of Jesus read to us, I have not seen books around Easter, well not many anyway or songs. Now if you wish to challenge me on that, then do, so when I see my son I am still gonna give him his Easter Egg, and safe my other for another prescious child, My New Angel as i call her, and for the older kids in my family too.

I was so hoping I would be in my new home by now, but with moving it can often take its time, and I am going to use Summer instead of Easter to make them baskets and give gifts.

You can make seasonal holidays your own, they do not have to be set in stone.

What I would do is a Summer Egg hunt if you can’t do one around the holiday with your kids, and it will be like an added holiday and fun. You can have a Summer Kids Picnic and have each child choose a food or item to eat on the day, and when Lockdown ends, do this with each child and parent invited bringing food to add to the Summer Post Lockdown party, and I do think we should once it officially ends use that to celebrate, the Summer season.

Kids aren’t worried that it isn’t on the actual day of the holiday, they just like to be seen as kids who love the chocolate and the easter egg hunts, they would never say like an adult would “Oh well this is wrong having Easter Eggs during the week, I mean what are you doing”.

They just like to know they are loved by you, and are there to pick them up if they can’t always get up without a tear. Kids cry, i did anyway, I mean yes you could make a pond out of the amount I used to shed, but then I was fine as long as I knew that there was someone looking out for me.

So if you are like me didn’t see your kids this easter don’t fret you can always celebrate it when you are.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

10 Tips on Productive Parenting/Teaching Independents in kids

Hello as always when I write my weekly Parenting blog post please see my recent Truth About Parenting video: #BeSmart Campaign Online.

So this blog post is about Productive Parenting and no it isn’t about 25 to do lists, but making time for everything that surrounds parenthood aswell as getting stuff done.

Household Chores Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraph

There is a Youtube Content Creator who has a channel called Get Shit done, and it is really good in giving tips on decluttering and having a more organized life but not being a chore.

So lets think about getting out of the Lockdown because I bet you were praying for it to lift, not because you don’t love being with your kids but Homeschooling can take its toll.

1# Plan the night before of what you want to get done. This is where you can get your life together when you choose tasks that you like to do, which can then release the endorphins to do more. I find it gives you a head start and why not give your kids a list of 5 things to do, to help you

2# Teach classes in two hour blocks througyh the day. This way your children don’t get burn out and neither do you

3# Prep meals if they are back at school and you work from home, in the morning after you have dropped then off and saves you a lot of time after school has finished.

4# If you work from home then why not have a cleaning breaks throughout the day. The one thing I am looking forward to when I have my own home again is to have a declutter and buy new homewares decor items, and have your kids involved by having them write down what they would like their bedrooms to look like

5# When it comes to doing homework, rather than doing it after school why not in the mornings when they are fresh faced and there was one mum I saw who’s daughter was in Henry’s class, have her daughter reading in the car before it was time to go into school for the day.

Free Photo | Kid doing homework

6# Do some physical activity with your kids, like me and my son would have a dance in the morning. it is great way for you and your kids to wake up, and why not have everyone brush their teeth at the same time rather than one at a tinme.

7# Put together and create a Working from home mum Capsule wardrobe that you can grab rather at short notice rather than searching through your closet and feel like you can’t find anything to wear

8# Buy groceries online and you can buy many items from Amazon, and set programmes into your planner, so you can enjoy the food you bought and then can watch some TV without searching through and thenn it is all there ready for to have.

9# Delegate duties to your kids, like for example having them run their own bath and clean it after each use, and then it saves a job and it is always kept clean. I would put a little message to your kids, that once used please clean me afterwards, and have a hanging toiletry holder with a cloth and spray. If it is younger then put wipes for them to use for cleaning and then disposed of and in the bin

10# Have kids get rid of their plates and utensils, by having a pick up table, so a table where they pick up their plate of food take it to the table to eat, and have them help set the table and then have a waste and dirty plate and utensils station, and once cleaned and you have a dishwasher have them help empty it. This is great for their independence and it can bring smiles to their faces because you are allowing them free space and responsbility.

Being Productive doesn’t have to be things set in stone, but flexiblity helps wonders and helping them to be independent will help you get things done and teaches them life skills about looking after their home when they grow up

Many thanks for reading

Carrie L.M X

5 Tips# in Preparing kids for school without too much hassle

Hello and welcome! So each week I do a video as part of my Youtube series Truth about parenting, and this week the video I did was talking about Parenting Mental Health.

So now your kids should have returned to school and being Friday it is time for them to be off again until next week. Five Tips in Preparing kid for school without a hassle, is the topic of this blog post.

Premium Vector | Young parents with school children flat illustration.  family going to school together and holding hands cartoon characters. father  and mother with two preteen kids. schoolboy and schoolgirl

Tip1# If they have a weekend first before they return to school get all uniform, bags and snacks packed in plenty of time, so I do this the night before, so there is no rushing around.

I find kids respond better too when things are set out, and Henry will often grab his bag himself and I put all bags and coats by the front door.

So the next tip,

Tip2# Always have a Get Ready with me place for you and your kids where you usually spend time in the morning. This saves so much time and even have breakfast ready the night before.

This means having cereal already in a individual plastic container so they can just pour in the milk, or even in a bowl.

243,955 Cereal Bowl Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Tip3# Write a diary to prepare your childs mindset, as some kids might be a bit anxious about going back and this will help prepare them mentally so its not a drastic shock to get back into the routine of school.

Beinou Unicorn Sequin Diary with Lock and Key, Girls Journal Mermaid Sequin Notebook Kids Travel Diary Unicorn Gift for Boys and Girls School Notebook
This is a great pack for kids for you and a child to use and they are just fun and beautiful and found this on

Going back to school for me was an adjustment at times and often will have the fear of school because I work better on flexibility rather than a set structure and I think is one of the factors why I struggled at school.

Tip4# Good hack, put in their bags if they are in the early years and toilet training and you can even do this when they return to nursery, and that is use reusable clothes bags, that new clothes ordered online come in now, and put in for wet and dirty clothes, so if they do have an accident or get their uniform dirty by painting for example so it keeps rest of the items in your bag dry and clean. Let the teacher know that you have done that so they know and can use it.

This one is from Amazon and they have other colours and styles of these bags

The bags I go for is one that have the pocket at the front and ones at the side, as they are good to carry water bottles and putting sun cream in and other bits.

See these which are great to put snacks in and use as laundry bags for your kids to take to school and thesre are from amazon and do different sizes.

Tip5# Have a check list on the wall by the front door or in the place where you spend your mornings so you can go through whilst they eat their breakfast that they have everything.

I find using a White board to tick a check list is great as you can wipe it away and then do one at the beginning of each week.

So I hope you have had a good week and yes I am too looking forward to the weekend and soon I will be moving and so lots more blogs on this site and and my others.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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World Book Day/Teaching kids to write books

Hello and welcome! Here is a new Parenting blog paying homeage to World Book day and Teaching kids to write books.

I wrote stories as a kid all the time and I worry that this soon will go out of fashion, yet it is a wonderful skill to have and even my nieces all love to write, and one of them, even had a poem she wrote like me and this is not to steal her thunder, but it has lived on in the family, published and I would love to show you a lovely story that my niece Ava wrote in school about her seeing my son Henry for the first time, her cousin and it was lovely.

To help them find them a book they love and create their own story like it, not too copy but to help inspire them with ideas to get them started.

Have them create a vision board to help them write notes and allow them to be as imaginitive as possible and bring the stories to life.

This could be a good Homeschooling activity, and I think this should be part of the National Criccilum, as the world is calling out for more writers and it was one activity knowing I hated school, that I actually liked.

I used card stock to make Henry a homemade book about buses, and you can do the same with your kids to help with their writing skills. Find pictures from a kids magazine they can use to include in it, or print pictures online and there are personalised books you can make, which Henry has many of, and have them write a story about a happy memory they had and have them read it to each other.

Me and a girl named Helen, at Primary school, would often do this and it a good way to help then be confident with writing, as you can be very self conscious at first about writing as being a writer I often doubted myself over it, and it is practice makes perfect.

I do feel handwriting is still important even with digitial services available, and if they want to type it up, let them. This will help with their IT skills which are important now and have them share it with their friends, and I have just had a Brain wave, and that is Creating a Kids World book club, and I want to with a very cuddly friend have different people read children’s book with him.

Another good way is to make story worksheets and I am going to make some printables to help my children and your kids to help them write stories, and to help them create a vision board for them and write notes and what resources they could use also to help them.

So I hope this is helpful, not long now for our kids to return to school and have a wonderful weekend.

If you would like to see my recent Truth about parenting videos then please click on this link below:

Parent Mental Health

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Five Skills for Your Kids Wellbeing

Hello and welcome! So if you haven’t watched my new video of my series of The Truth About Parenting then check it out my new video here: Truth about parenting/teaching kids about money and budgeting

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In this blog post I am talking about 5 Skills for your kids wellbeing.

So with the internet it can, and it has be proven to cause kids to have anxiety and lack of self confidence and so it is more important now than never to look after our kids mindset and making life simple and easy living for them as much and as possible.

I have created a Printable with these skills too, which is completely free and I hope you find useful:

  1. Let kids make their own choices. So instead of you picking an outfit for them, let them do it and have low sized wardrobes and racks, and chests of draws with handles so they don’t trap their fingers and choose their clothes for the day
  2. Discuss mental health with your kids. This is so important as I became aware of my #mentalhealth at a young age and it helps them help you to meet their needs in terms of mental health and tell you how they are feeling
  3. Teaching kids about mindfulness and meditation. Once I get to spend time with my son and other children again soon, this is something that I’d like to teach them should they feel stressed and if they are having any worries, and if you as a parent not done this before, it is good for new parents too. I am going to talk about Mental Health, being a parent in a post or video, because it is a common factor. If they decide it doesn’t help them, then that is fine, but it is a skill worth practicing and you can use wellness flash cards so they can go through different emotions of mental health and again can discuss the different feelings of the human mind to help deal with mental health problems that can effect children
  4. Have a child look after a pet. As a kid I grew up having cats as pets and knowing people who had dogs, and they can be a great source of wellbeing. I found it gave me a sense of responsibility and when the cat didn’t attack me, being “Target number one” he would sit on my lap and a cuddle with a pet can be a lovely sense of unconditional love
  5. Do a project with your kids. So as many kids are off from school due to Lockdown, why not do projects, like a Science project, write a book, like a children’s book or have them do a computer project example: teaching kids on Desk Top Publishing.

So I hope these tips have helped you, and thank you to those who have liked and followed me so far on this site and I will be back with one next week, and if there is a topic you’d like me to talk about them please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Teaching Kids Life Skills that they will value when they are older! #homelearning

Hello and welcome! In this Parenting blog I am going to share Teaching kids life skills and I mean, washing up, how to do their laundry, Cooking, Cleaning a car and general maintenance with your supervision of course.

I have created two new printables, 1. I created via the inspiration of my last blog post on this site, and 2. For the inspiration to write this post and is like a checklist of things to teach the kids different Life Skills that they will value when they are older. You can download and use right away free of charge:

I remember as a kid, as soon as I could see above the kitchen surfaces I was taught how to make a cup of tea, and would help out when it came to ironing as at one time my mum would do this every Sunday and have a pile together for ironing.

Let me tell you the honest truth, I NEVER IRON.

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Yes it is the bottom of my list and yeah, and the iron I have, I won, yet it never gets used, but if you are someone who does and wish to delegate and teach your kids of how to iron, then yeah teach them.

The other thing is teaching your kids, what different cleaning products are for. So teach them about cleaning windows, mirrors and work tops. Make sure you show them how to safely administor the cleaning products and to wash their hands after use, but yes, show them the different products they need and have them cleaning the windowsills, floors and bathrooms.

How to safely meal prep and plan the meals for the week. Have them comply a shopping list and do an inventory list.

Image result for free clipart image of kids doing chores

I would when I had a many video tapes, records and CD’s do an inventory a list of all the ones I had and would often sort these out in a alphabetical order.

Now you have a computer you can type up inventory lists of music, films and TV programmes you have stored in your planner and have children’s TV shows set in your planner too, so there is always something there for them to watch once they have helped you around the home.

Or have it on at the background whilst they help with daily life skills that will benefit them in the future.

Image result for free clipart image of inventory lists

My mum would often have a sponge for us to use to clean the bath once we had finished with it, and my nan would let us help out when she cooked like cakes and other puddings.

Normal everyday household tasks were subconciously there driven in me and so I never had to workout what the best way to clean kitchen was, I just did it without acknowledgement, it was just a natural thing to do. I am not a fan of cleaning at all but I know it does have to be done so I will but, not everyday. THAT JUST DRIVES ME MAD but when I am ready to. AND THAT IS A MOTO I like to stick to.

Don’t give kids too much to do at once as this can easily backfire and they get fed up and then you get frustrated because they can kick off and then, you end up doing it yourself anyway.

Check out my Scribd account for more printables available:

Image result for free clipart images of kids doing chores

Reward them for their efforts. So this can be a list of items like watch a movie, a bit of TV, a favourite meal or a new toy. You can do like a reward chart, like if they do two items per week on the LIfe skills check list they can tick off the items on their rewards list that they would like to do.

Have set cleaning days for your kids to follow. Many kids like routine and if there is a particular day you want them to do some cleaning then set it and have a calendar just for your kids with a kids homeschooling and chores. So Sunday for example and breaks up homeschooling and then reward them with a roast dinner and a movie or a game they want to play of their choice.

It is all about making them independent and not rely on you as the parent so much but be there for support and if they need help with anything.

Kids want nuture, reassurance and be free to be kids, as after all we were all kids once upon a time and so we all deserve a childhood filled with love, happiness and fun.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Good Home Learning Classes For Your Kids

Hello and welcome! So it is time for another parenting blog post. In this post I am going to give tips on Good Home Learning Classes for your kids:

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  • Have a baking or cookery class and get all each child to make a cake or a meal they love or how to cook a family meal. Have them choose a list of recipes to cook each week
  • Writing class have them write stories, poetry or even a blog post.
  • Letter writing class and how to create a C.V for the future and the skills they already have
  • Show your children how to create a vision board for themselves and what they would like to do when they are older, if there is a country they would to go to once Lockdown has been lifted and skills they would like to learn when they get older
  • A home dance class and how to put together a dinner party for friends and family to celebrate the end of COVID once it arrives
  • Reading classes and have a home book club where you read the same book or different one and what the books are about
  • Have a web development or IT course to help them for future learning and skills that will help them once their school years are over and start working or why not have a home and family website where other kids could create and share stuff, obviously with adult supervision so noone or unwanted people use it
  • Organization class and filing and have them file school documents or their art work they bring home
  • A home drama club and have your children create a play or a show that you can Zoom for other kids (their friends) and family can watch and still have contact with their love ones
  • Do a Science class, and their are tools and kids Science books that can give you tips and information
  • Art and crafts lesson where they can use dried rice and pasta or potatoes to create art work and “Thinking of you cards” for friends and relatives they can’t see at the moment
  • Do a home fitness class for your children and The Body Coach did a lot of videos for the previous lockdown and you can still use these on Youtube
  • Do a gardening lesson where each child can plant a seed and if you can’t buy these at the moment in stores then you can online and show them how to look after a garden and can plant a seed in the garden
  • Have a history lesson and talk about the Royal Family or about London or England, wherever you may be. Have them create their own family tree
  • Have childrens bingo evening or Quiz night. It can be as fun as possible and just helps them learn without feeling that is a chore.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that we have to stop using our imagination and just make days fun aswell as educational.

I have a new website which is a site to help children who or are being abused or bullied:

So many thank for reading and stay safe and strong,

Carrie L.M X

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Choosing Books For Your kids!

Hello and god bless you! So if you haven’t seen my previous blog posts you’ll know that I am doing a Youtube series of videos called the Truth About Parenting check my play list I have put together with all my recent videos and they are published on Youtube every Thursday:

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So choosing books for your kids can depend on what they are interested in, but don’t be afraid to buy books not just for the age they are now, but when they get older.

I have saved many books I have read which would be suitable for kids for when Henry and other children I hope to have can read them, and I love a kids book and books by Roald Dahl are still great for kids, along with The Secret Seven, Famous Five and Billy The Kid and I have bought Henry his first book by David Walliams who is The Childrens book writer of this century.

If I said I was Enid Blyton I know there will be those who will say I am making it up so I’ll lie then should I? As I remember writing these stories at school and writing the name at the bottom of the page. Never be ashamed to take ownership if you are child writer too, as being unbelieved you are always going to get those sorts of people.

I am a lady of the classics and so I will be getting books like Oliver Twist, The Hobbit for when my kids are older and I hope they enjoy these too. I am not someone who goes back to books but stories by certain others I do.

Never be fearful of looking in Charity shops and Poundland, as they do great kids books too, along with The Works and they usually do a deal where you can by a group of books for like fiver or a tenner and on Amazon too.

If your child prefers to listen to stories rather than read then you can download and use the Audible APP.

When you do, they will also get a free credit each month which they can put towards a book they like and I love having this on my phone and is great when you don’t have time to sit and read, it is a great alternative.

I will be doing videos soon, where I tell a Childhood story but have a better room to film and has better lighting. I also hope to be working along side some people when doing this.

So as we are in Lockdown because of the Pandemic, have a story time or a reading time. It is a great family relaxing thing and I love books and has been part of my life for 40 or so years.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Top Ten Parenting Strategies “Creating Bonding Time”

Hello and welcome to a new blog for this week and I have done my Truth about Parenting video, which is more on things you don’t get told about and that is Breastfeeding and how long it can take for your milk to come through after your babies born, when you first bring them home, pooh explosion, hypnotherapy, teething and Eczema.

The Truth about Parenting new video, more stuff we don’t get told when becoming a parent.

Image result for free clipart image of a parent and child bonding

In this blog post I am giving some more Top Ten Parenting strategies about “Creating Bonding Time”.

  1. Use bath time and baby changing time a therapy for your baby, because they will be more relaxed when being bathed and changed and I used to sing, talk and make up words to nursery rhymes that I had forgotten the words of and my son loved this time. Baby massage is a great class and thing to do, as we did bond so well and he would look forward to it like I did, and it quiets down the madness of the days that parenting can bring
  2. Teach kids the old fashion games, like a card game or board game. As a kid I was always playing card games with my Nan and Grandad on Saturday, and would play all day long. It is great to get everyone playing. There are loads you can play Jim Rummy, Pontoon, Crib and the first easiest game snap or matching pairs
  3. Quiet time. This is important to help kids wine down for the day, and read a book, watch a bit of TV or listening to a kids audio book. There are even children’s shows like the midnight garden on TV for the end of each day
  4. Find a song that you both love and get up and dance. Me and Henry would often do this before it was time to go to school and it would wake me up and him and make walking to school afterwards painless, as at first I found the school run a real mission
  5. Take them to do homework in a coffee shop rather indoors. Now of course we are in Lockdown, but once it shifts this is something I would do with Henry some days after school and he would have his favourite a chocolate muffin and I would have a coffee and it would be a change from the usual routine and would see other parents do this with their kids and still get homework done
  6. Go for a kick about. Now my son has grown out of playing football all of the time, but when he was into this, we would play a mini game of football and was great for him and me to spend time playing in the fresh air
  7. Have a Tea party. So my nieces loved it when they were taken for an Afternoon tea and I have done this too, and even with Lockdown we can still have an Afternoon tea, just bring it home if not able to do it outdoors, and order online or go the supermarket, make up some sandwiches, cup cakes etc and have a at home Afternoon Tea Party. I had to do this once with some other girls when earning one of my badges at Brownies. You can make it as fun as possible and have the kids help get the food ready and table
  8. Have an evening with everyone in Pjs and mattresses, blankets and pillows in the living room and have a movie night with snacks including some popcorn. This can be now, as I bet like me, we all have movies stashed away somewhere which we can pull out to use especially now in the third lockdown
  9. Do a kids games night, where you can endless games like Give us a clue, that was a household favourite, pictionary, there is a Tipping Point game out now and this is Henrys Ultimate Favourite at the minute and even have a Connect 4 tournament
  10. Have the kids camping in the garden, with a tent and if you have a big enough garden make a bonfire. I loved camping as a kid and do know parents who have done this and it is great fun. They used to have at Legoland Discovery centre a sleepover night and in Manchester Sealife centre, so check when these are back on as could be a great family evening

So I hope you are getting through Lockdown and these are but a few, and honestly having an extra day snuggling with my son, makes up for the days I miss being without him. Parenting is about bonding and spending family time, and is why I love being a parent and a mum.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Child Safety How a child Dies Everyday from child Abuse and bullying

Hello and welcome! So I have built a new website on wordpress called The Arch Angels Network, and did you know a child dies everyday from child abuse and bullying?

It is so easy to be a target with the wonders of the internet, and this includes kids committing suicide and going missing because they are experiencing this at home and run away.

In this video I talk about this subject of kids dying from abuse and bullying, please see video below:

When it comes to abuse and bullying in a childs home it can be very difficult to monitor and stop because the thing about Abusers and Bullies they manipulate and can often be a family member or a close friend.

I think if we had more Policing in schools would make a difference and sitting down with parents to discuss it and kids organisations, because it is still happening and needs to be stopped.

I would be interested in your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.

Here is the link to my new website and if you would like to share your story of being abused or bullying then there is a contact form provided on this site and remember there is always National childrens bureau, childline and NSPCC.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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The Funny Side of Parenting

Being a Parent comes with humour, example instead of story time being quiet time it is often me and my son giggling, to the point we are both laughing so much that I struggle to get to the end of the book or even the first page.

Kids Laughing Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Kids are timeless, because they will often do things where by you say “Well, I did not see that coming” and it is a tantrum over not being able to join in a Professional football match, and is upset that normally he is allowed to join in, but here he can’t.

He would start chucking sticks over into someone elses garden and kick his ball over the fence thinking he has invented a new game, whilst you say “Please don’t do that, the last thing we want to do is piss of the neighbours do we”.

He will eat something that usually he will not even go near, or something new will catch his eye, like when I first took him to school we would have to be on Squirrel watch and then it was planes, helicopters, buses and he will always chase a pigeon.

ᐈ Kids laughing stock images, Royalty Free children laughing photos |  download on Depositphotos®

I did a recent youtube video as part of my Truth About Parenting series, of Games kids love to play and they love playing as soon as they learn to walk “Catch me if you can” and he thought it was hilarious to hide the TV remotes, and put food and cards into the Wii game console. He would take the CD’s and DVD’s out of the X-Box, and pinch your glass of water.

My son at first would chuck everything including his toy bricks which I also talked about in that video linked above, and would play with socks and his pair of pants.

Kids Laughing Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Kids are funny little charactors and all can be so different yet still so funny. I do love being a mum and I linked a video of someone saying they didn’t always like being a mum, which I did feel at some point, but now I love it, and every day with my son is a blessing. I hope to have more children as I love being a parent and would even adopt a child too.

So let our kids continue to do funny things and hope we can take them on days out again once Lockdown has cleared.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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New Child Safety Course and New Network Site

Hello and welcome! So in this blog I am sharing details of my New Child Safety course to help parents, kids clubs, organisations and institutes protect children, and stop them from being Abused or Bullied.

My course will consist on written information, blog posts, PDFs and Videos.

I have already added the Introduction to the course on the course I am developing and on Youtube and my follow on video, below, is talking about How in the UK we can be more vigilant, and petrol kids settings by having Police Officers working with these clubs, schools, Nurseries and clubs.

I have also set up a new site called The Arch Angels Network, using WordPress aswell which is for Kids being Abused or bullied and is an extra place for them to go and get tips and information.

So many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

The Truth About Parenting/Dealing with Tantrums

Here is a new parenting video “The t=Truth About Parenting” Dealing with Tantrums and the bet approach in stopping them. I find not laying down punishment but talking to my son who starts to begin a tantrum is better, and a lot more effective.

Please see video below:

I talk about Jo Frost and I have watched her and read one of her books which were helpful and so if you be interested in one of her book then here is a link, and I too have written books myself on sharing my story of being a parent.

Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behaviour by [Jo Frost]

Here are my books and there will be a new one coming out soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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The Truth About Parenting

Hello and welcome! So it is Saturday and I have got up early to start work and wanted to write this post which I think looking at the title I have written before, but that is fine. It is good to go back to prevous posts as life does change and so many things like my parenting skills have changed and grown too.

The Truth About Parenting I think is going to be a potential book idea, but want this to be a regular feature for my Parenting blog.

Here is a Youtube video I have done. The first one for a while on being a parent and is an intro video to this regular Parenting theme.

There are lots of things that you don’t get told when you become a parent and part of you thinks that it should come naturally but for some it does not.

Parenting is a life changing event and can turn your world up side down. I love my son, but a lot of it baffled me at times, and would say “How do I deal with this?” as my son has a meltdowns when I have taken him shopping and grabbed items of the shelves, making a load of tins and jars fall on the floor. It is an entire new world, one that I struggled with at times, but I have gotten through it, and I hope with my blog posts and videos I can help you too, if you have struggled being a parent for the first time.

So enjoy watching and many thanks for following me on this blog site, it does mean the world to me, and many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Loving Our Kids Through and through in Lockdown

So, it is another day of Lockdown and Henry has been with his dad, but we did get to spend some time together, and as soon as we see each other, we give eachother the most out of this world hug to the point I could hug him all day.

Kids need love in their lives, so they can give it to others too, and be kind to other people.

Teaching kids love is teaching them to be respectful to their friends and others, and to love themselves too.

As a kid it was perceived when I was a kid, to some wrong to love yourself.

There are kids who need extra love as they can be very insecure from early on than what we think, and I bet due to COVID and Lockdown, they have no idea as what is happening and somewhat confused, so this is where we should be loving our kids through and through, because it I think they know something is happening but not sure what.

Teaching kids about Love is important for their upbringing because it should never be used just for the sake of it off, and often I can be target number one if my son can’t have his tablet or watch Tipping Point as parents, becaue we are the closest person to aim at. I know this is not really aimed at me, but is him telling me he doesn’t get it when he can’t have those things.

I see in his face, if he is wondering if he is being punished in some way, and I try to reassure him that I know he wants these items, because they are important to him, and that is isn’t due to him doing anything wrong, but these items need charging or TV programmes are scheduled for certain times of the day, but once his tablet is charged or it is the time of day, for when his TV show is on, then he can have them still.

I do try to not get cross when I see why he is kicking off, because often it is frustration, because he understands but now feels lost without the daily toys he likes to play with. My son really struggles when he is being told or being explained to as to why he can’t have something, and it breaks my heart when I can see that he isn’t understanding.

Kids from an early age can struggle with their emotions and so, they should be valued and listened too. Never cut them up, or stopped from speaking. It is their right to do so. As soon as you shut a kid down, it makes them feel self conscious and not important, which they are.

Words aren’t just words when it comes to kids, as when they say something it is meant and should always be allowed to express themselves.

Henry, is such an emotional child, like I was and his father, that I am self aware of how I communicate to him and that I am here to listen, not judge as that can really cause friction between a child and a parent, but just listen.

Once you’ve listened then ask questions such as “What would make it better?” or ” What would you like to do that would help?”, “What would you like me to do, to help you?”

Since becoming a parent I have learned so much about life and love from him, and my nieces, than I have from other adults at times, because when you see things from their eyes, they look at life as a whole. Henry loved the outdoors as a kid, and to him lots of things fascinated him. Trains, Buses, Helicopters and Planes. To him they were amazing items and on the way to school we would often need to leave extra early so he could enjoy his surroundings as much as possible. To him those things are his loves aswell as me and his father, and I never ever want to destroy that. Love between me and him I see is important to him. His Cousins and school friends, and teachers are what helps me and him look forward to each day.

Love should be shown all the time, and never be forgotten.
Stay Safe and Stay Strong. I am putting together a Child Safety/Child Protection Course, on my Education Network, so once this has finished I will let you know.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

P.S: I am putting together a Programme for this year, and it is called Project 2021, and will include a load of Life Coaching Tools and Information, so please see link for details:

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Spending Time With your kids when there is a Lockdown

So Christmas is now over and we are in a Lockdown again and so could have a house full of bored kids, well fear not, as there are things you can still do, and that is have a kids Tea Party, and make loads of cakes, obviously may mean a trip to a Supermarket, but getting kids to bake is so rewarding and because they made them will eat them.

ᐈ Kids cooking stock pictures, Royalty Free kids cooking photos | download  on Depositphotos®
Image from: Deposite photos

The other thing you can do is buy gifts for them where they have to build things, or even things like empty boxes, Tins, Food Pots and Tags off of clothes. You know you get those little Ribbon bits on your clothes, which are for hanging them, cut these off and they make brilliant ribbons for handmade gift tags.

Have a movie day or evening with picky bits, and have all your kids in the Living room and play back to back movies. This time of year they usually put on some films which are family favourites, such as Home Alone, ET, Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music.

The other things you can get them to do, is to create Thank you letters or cards to Santa, but to family who helped Santa choose their gifts. I know there are many shops still closed but you can still order bits online and there are Stationary shops like Whsmiths open.

Have them create home videos to Thank Santa for the gifts they got and post it to the family who helped buy their gifts.

Excited Young Family Watching Movie On Couch At Home Stock Photo, Picture  And Royalty Free Image. Image 111736484.
Image from:

If your kids were given vouchers have them search for some items, as gift cards can still be used online, to buy with them or have them make a list of items they would like to buy with their gift cards, then see if the items they would like are available to purchase.

Play games like musical chairs, musical statues, give us a clue a home favourite, but I did used to cheat and my brother too, as he would talk which is not part of the game or board games or teach your children some card games.

The Classics are still going strong and my son loves Playing Connect 4. At Secondary school me and my friends created a Connect 4 championship where you can win a cup, which I earned and felt like making a speech, but then the bell went.

Family Board Game Clip Art, HD Png Download - kindpng
Image from:

Create a lucky dip. So easy to make. All you need is a cardboard box, some newspaper or tissue paper, cellotape and wrap some little toys or L.O.L balls, and get each child to pick out a hidden present in the lucky dip box. Remember to put a slot in the box or play another classic pass the parcel.

Buy a small Karoake machine and why not invite some of your friends children for a playdate. I know we aren’t supposed to have huge numbers in one place, but 2 to 3 kids extra I don’t see what harm they can do, just make sure when they come into your home that they wash their hands and if they have a cold and you feel that they should stay away then let their parents know, but remember they are kids, so should not be excluded but you can send them a little something from you and tell them when they are better that they can come to a playdate another time, that will still put a smile on their faces and give them an extra present too or create them a personal lucky dip, with hidden items in.

Free Children Clipart Pictures - Clipartix

I know we are in Lockdown but we should not allow us to be restricted.

The other thing you can do is create food parcels for friends or family, and have the kids deliver them to their neighbourhood. The one thing we can get out of this year is doing regular acts of kindness, as I bet there were a lot of people on their own and thinking about this, does break my heart and I wrote a blog on one of my other sites talking about this too:

Another thing that you can do is buy your kids a Scrapbooking kit and use many different types of craft paper and glue, and stamps. I as a kid loved putting things into my scrapbooks of what I loved at the time and store many memories. These are great things to do, that create fantastic memories and can share when they return to school, or when they have kids of their own.

Free Scrapbooking Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

I am a big believer that kids should be allowed to be kids and have many different activities and have sweets, and be able to just be, instead of being controlled all of them time.

I loved it when I was able to playout on my Estate I lived, as a kid and pretend to be mums and skate and ride our bikes, that is a childhood, not being told you can’t do this and can’t do that. Just let them be a child and enjoy their childhood with many games and things that make them look forward to.

We should still be able to have fun and enjoy the time we have with our kids, and why not if you have a fireplace, lite it, with a hot chocolate and all chill watching some good Post Christmas TV.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

The Ten Things to Stay Clear of when you just had a baby

Being a mum of a now 7 year old there many things I look back on that I wish I had stayed clear of, because when you have just had a baby you are very hormonal and what life to be stress free as possible, as some things can add to our hormonal states.

ᐈ New born baby stock pics, Royalty Free newborn baby pictures | download  on Depositphotos®
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Here are Ten Things to Stay Clear of when you just had a baby:

  1. Don’t bother with a manual breastpump, as you will be there all day and can make you feel defeated and so it is electrical all the way. Of course if you can feed your baby directly from the breat than that can be a lot more convient, but if your baby has trouble latching on keep trying, but express can still help give your baby your milk, if you want to.
  2. Moses baskets. It was great for a couple of nights but I was so paranoid about it tipping over and so if you are bringing home a new born baby, by a crib or smaller cot, as they are a lot more stable and there are ones you can buy that has wheels.
  3. Programmes like 16 and pregnant as it will be a tearjurker and cause unneccessary anxiety. Instead watch items that shows you the progress of each stage of your pregnancy of birth, as I found this kind of TV or video to be more appealing as it makes it into a wonderful journey.
  4. Too many Trebor mints. As I was having a lot of indigestion when pregnant was trying to eat and drink anything hat put it at ease, and having a trebor mint did help but then I ended up having too many, meaning I eventually felt sick having anymore. You can have the hot water and honey and works wonders if you have indigestion whilst pregnant, but don’t drink this once baby is born and you are breastfeeding.
  5. Free nappies. We were given a load of free packets of nappies at a baby show in the Oympia Exhibition centre and did hold very well in that Henry had a massive pooh explosion when he was first bought home, and threw those free nappies away. Either use Pampers (Not the two in one), but for each age or Chicco ones.
  6. Bumpers for cots. I read a really terrible story about a baby who got caught up in a bumper in his cot and so don’t by these as they are very dangerous and a few times I found Henry underneath it. Honestly you do not need them.
  7. lightweight pushchairs. I have changed my mind on this, because I did find some pushchairs quite heavy but there is a reason for that, and that is because when you attach bags to them they won’t easily tip up, or easily brake, and I will when I have another baby, have them in baby carrier close to my chest most of the time.
  8. Certain baby bottles. As talked about before we when I was due with Henry bought a load of bottles and only used one, but was told to change it as they hospital where Henry stayed for month before we could take him home recommended Avent bottles.
  9. Tight leggins or jeans. When you have just had your baby, even if it is C-Section avoid anything too tight around your waist or abdominium and have light, very stretchy clothing as you will bleed a lot and want to be comfortable.
  10. Going bra less. Whilst breastfeeding and when you first nurse your baby as they will leak and so wear good nursing bras and purchase some breast pads.

This is my last post on this site before Christmas and so will blog more Post Christmas. I really hope you have a bloody good one, and if someone asks to hold your baby and have washed their hands, then let them whilst you have some free time.

When it comes to bringing home a new baby all want to do is hold them close but you do need to rest too, and so if someone offers to hold them and look after them for a bit, then take them up on it.

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Carrie (L.M) Xh

Keeping kids safe at Christmas

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Christmas should be a time where we spend it with those we love and cherish and a time to forgive and forget.

However there are some things that you should be aware of to make sure all of your children in your family are safe.

Tip 1# Avoid babies pulling Christmas crackers as the wooden piece inside can spark and the toys within Christmas Crackers can easily be picked up and swallowed.

Wait until they are aware of a Christmas cracker and pull it so the little toys and bits full onto the table and have a plastic container to put them in.

Tip 2# Don’t serve a childs food that has been warmed in the oven as china plates can be really hot and burn their fingers

The last thing you want is your young children having nasty burns, and if they help out with the cooking, then keep them away from the cooker or hobs in case they do touch them.

Tip 3# Be careful of the thorns from a real Christmas tree as they can hurt if they tread on them with bare feet or hands, and keep pets away too as they can get the thorns in their paws.

I have always had when I decorated a for Christmas is have a plastic tree as saves so much money and the thorns never fall off as they artificial.

Tip 4# Don’t put trees near fireplaces as they can catch fire, and the last thing you want is a fire in your home.

This applies to gifts being put underneath a tree, and never alite a candle near it either, or place a candle on top of a TV. I remember someone did this at Butlins. Not a good idea at all.

Tip 5# If you buy secondhand toys which I have done in the passed make sure all bits are there and look for wear and tare. Also if there little bits and pieces that come with a toy, make sure that they are kept in a bag away from very small children as they can still up to 3 years old, put things into their mouths.

I choked on a Spearmint once on a bus and so it can easily happen. If young children play such games supervise them all the time.

Tip 6# Be careful of lighting the Christmas pudding never do it with a child next to you, do it on a table away from them and avoid putting money inside, which was the old tradition once upon a time.

The tradition where you would put money in it has long gone as the coins are a lot smaller and thinner, so can easily be swallowed.

Tip 7# Make sure toiletry products are sealed and away from Children, and avoid buying skincare products with perfume for kids, as many kids like Henry my son, has ended up with an allergy to them.

I always buy fragrance free for my son, because in the summer he can get really bad eczema from head to toe, so I buy Sanex and the Boots own kids moisturiser.

Tip 8# Don’t have their money in their hands as muggings can be frequent this time of year, so show then where to keep it safe. All cash should be Zipped up in a purse or wallet at the bottom of their bag, and give them a gift card rather than cash, as these are rarely stolen and can be put together with your bank cards.

I rarely give my nieces or my son cash, but as my two nieces are older and don’t really have an interest in toys, I will give them a gift card they can use, as they are proper girls, love to shop just like me.

Tip 9# Keep kids away from Alcohol. It is tradition in my family to have a Snowball, but being a mum myself do not want my son drinking any kind of alcohol until he reaches teenager years. Of course the Christmas pudding in usually dressed with Brandy which is burned through the pudding, but do a plain one for the kids, as we don’t want anyone puking because of the Brandy, and of course some serve it with Brandy Butter.

If they decide when they are older to still not drink then honour their wishes as not everyone is keen on drinking anything alcoholic, and stick to soft drinks.

Tip 10# Avoid kids from drinking out of a glass, because if they a drop it and it smashes, cleaning glass up can be a task that you can be forever finding bits of glass every where in a whole week. Give kids a beaker rather than a glass, as if they tread on glass they can easily hurt their feet.

Glass shattered can go everywhere and should be avoided, and the same for China plates. If they are toddlers have their own plates, with knives and forks.

So, those are my tips to keeping your kids safe this Christmas and I am going to see if I can fit in another blog on this site before the big day, but for now I wish you a Merry Christmas and if I don’t blog before Christmas day, I hope all your wishes do come true and your children love it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Kids and Family Traditions

11 Free Christmas Traditions for Families in 2019
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To help our kids get the most out of Christmas it is good to have family traditions, like my family have had, example: anyone over the age of 21 don’t receive gifts from my Uncle and Aunties anyone, but will buy a gift for the kids in the family, and as a kid it was traditional for my Grandad Skinner to slice the Turkey, and we as kids were allowed a Snowball, which is Advocate and Lemonade and to give it an extra kick add in a piece of lime or lime juice and a sweet cherry.

Kids should have tradtions that they can continue on to their own children they may have one day.

I now go for a walk every Christmas Day and Boxing Day, or would go for a run, as I would take a break from Running and start up again on Christmas day.

I am still going to have snowball this year and will be buying the little bottles, and add a bit of ice as it can become warm.

You can add in traditions of making your kids Advent Calendars rather them buying one. I did this for my son Henry last year, and still got to do some of the activities I included in it.

All you need to do this, is get a unit which you can pull out boxes or I used a reuseable cardboard box, got some little boxes from Amazon and put in little toys from Christmas Crackers my mum had with some bits purchased from Poundland and some chocolate included.

My son, Henry loved this and will do this again as it is good to have a tradition where you make them their Advent Calendar and they make their own Christmas cards.

As a kid one of us Grandchildren would be the one helping my Grandad distribute the gifts to each person who was there, and then the adults would play a card game after Dinner was finished.

We would sit down and watch some good Christmas TV, and Uncle Bark and Uncle Corby would often have a Christmas show, along with Morecombe and Wise and Cannon and Ball and Comedies like Only Fools and Horses, some mothers do have ’em and TV shows like Top Of The Pops, to see who would be Christmas number 1. Their was the Horse Guards Parade, in which Her Royal Highness, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II would attend, along with other members of the Royal Family.

I have a feeling I went to this, as this would be held near my Nan Skinners, in the Earls Court Arena, but not sure.

They were often Royal Horses in this show, at which my Auntie Fai new well as she would look after the Queen Horses in her younger years, alongside The Duchess of York’s Father.

We would go to the pub before going to my Nans, along with my Uncle and Aunties, and then we would go to my nans before they got back. My Dad had quite a few by the time he got back to have dinner at my Nans, and often got into a debate over football.

If you want a good family Christmas don’t talk about football.

Then on Boxing Day we would go to my Nanny Roses as this was her birthday, and would have drink in the Bedford first. My Nan Roses drink was a Gin and Tonic (G ‘n’T), and had a cabinet with this in and noone was allowed to go near it. It was her secret stash and wanted it to be kept that way.

So kids and family traditions do mix and is a good combination as they will tend to follow it on and have more happy Christmases to come.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

Celebrating the New Year with your kids

When we are kids we know or at least I knew without being told that when Christmas came it meant that there would be a new year coming by, and time to make our resolutions.

To help kids grow we should make Christmas and New Years a big deal, as not everyone person gets to relive their childhood and should be part of their growing up. Get them to create DIY banner to celebrate the new year.

It Keeps them busy whilst you do your errands or want to watch a bit of TV, or you can all get involved, with some festive drinks to go with the designing of a new years banner.

Free New Year Clip Art, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

Kids like to be kept busy, because like my son Henry he constantly has to have something to do, otherwise he becomes boystrious and disruptive.

Have your kids set goals and new dreams for every new year, and as a kid I am glad my mum took us up to London on New Years Eve once and got to see the fireworks. I haven’t done that since back when I was a kid, but is worth going to, and as I see it, it is another year you are alive for and should be full of fun and dreams.

Rumour has it that a certain Virtue Reality star with her Love, Lee Mack, will be appearing on the Joules Holland show. Lets see if this happens, and who will be shocked and I do have many family members who do watch this, and I wish that they will be amazed when they see her.

65 Best New Year Quotes 2021 - Inspiring NYE End of Year Sayings

Now I know we are still on a kind of Lockdown, which I keep being reminded of, but should that stop our kids for enjoying themselves and having a party table of their own? No!

Have them create posters, with photos and images printed from Google of what they would like to do in the new year.

Make homemade hot chocolate and if you have a fireplace heat some marshmellows.

A chocolate log always goes down well and I am going to have one of those this year, as they are lovely and scrumptious cakes and everyone can share, or why not, like you can do for Christmas have them bake a cake for the new year. Who says you can’t have cake at New years aswell as Christmas?

Kids And Their Mother Making A Cake Stock Photo - Image of bowl, home:  23683238

My Nan Skinner would often let us stir the Christmas cake mixture and then make a wish, and then yes, lick the bowl.

I would often have a DVD night on New Years Eve with some bits to eat, and it is great to have the whole family seated watching films and chilling, and then toasting to the new year.

Let your kids stay up late if they want to, as these times and memories should be cherished.

So I wish you all a wondeful Christmas. I will try to fit in another parenting post before the big day, but if not, I will post on this site Post Christmas and go over the year gone.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Becoming A Parent

Hello and welcome to a new parenting post. I am writing about becoming a parent, as it was 7 years ago that my son was bought home after spending his first month of him being in the world, in hospital.

Was I prepared? No! It was massive culture shock and I have created an Ebook to help you prepare for your baby who has come into the world.

When becoming a parent be aware that they can make a lot of noise especially at night as they are adjusting from being in your womb to being in the big wide world, and many babies when inside your tummy will be active mainly at night. The way to give your newborn baby reassurance as they do look for this, even when being a newborn baby, by swaddling them into a blanket or there are Swaddling blankets you can get.

3 Easy Ways How to Swaddle a Baby | Newborns | The Baby Sleep Site
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Babies don’t have no sense of time, but they sleep mainly during the day. Henry at first didn’t like to be left in his Moses basket to sleep, so mainly slept when I was holding him, and they will even in the early years when you pick them up, become hungry because they associate you with food. This can be disheartening at first because you want them to associate you with love and effection.

They will do, but they can be super hungry when they are first born.

Never worry too much on breastfeeding, but do it if you can and if you want to. Formula is okay even at new born anda baby will still get the nutrients it needs.

9,092 Bottle Feeding Baby Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock
Image from×612&w=0&h=ejHfwcHvUqQ4AJ-cS-UnXhWPKlm3ntsde3vALHPpGbA=

If you want to be shown how to properly bath your baby then speak to the midwives to show you, and practice with a doll first. I wish I had and been much more prepared in this area, as my sons first bath at home was diasterous because someone stripped him naked even before I got the bath ready.

The NHS method of safetly bathing a baby has changed, even from when Henry was born 7 years ago, here is a video they have created to show you, how to safetly give your baby a bath.

Don’t buy too many baby gros and nappies as once your baby is born they grow so quickly.

Getting organized for Christmas with a new born can be a lot of weight on your shoulders so delegate if you can, and doing a wish list online, such as on sites like Amazon, so they can see what you want to buy for family and friends and get your partners before baby is born so you don’t have to worry about this at all.

Don’t be put off in wanting items for yourself as being the mum of a new born, you can do with a treat or a splurge so do so, and no, do not feel guilty by doing this at all.

The main things you need to think about:

The other items are, take in a good book and put some music on your phone to listen too, as when I have another child this is exactly what I am going to do.

Having a baby is no easy task, and so if there are those that can lend a hand then take them up on it.

So I will be writing more and if you have just had a baby, then Congratulations.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Gift Guide For kids at Amazon 2020

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I am working alongside with Amazon this year for Christmas and here are some of their Top of the Range gifts for kids:

I have put together more items in this video below:

I will be posting more as we get nearer to Christmas 2020 at Amazon.

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Helping kids to create dreams

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If you have read my posts for a while you’ll see that I talk a lot about teaching kids many things, and the one thing I would always encourage is to help kids to create dreams. There is no age restriction when it comes to developing dreams of their own.

Children will begin when they become 4 or 5 aware of themselves and start to build likes and dislikes more as they continue to grow. My son love buses and trains, and so last year for Christmas I made him a homemade book about buses.

There are books available also about buses. I bought my son a couple of books from Amazon about buses.

If you child loves football then go for a kick about with them, and invite some of their friends if they can come along. I know there is another lockdown, but doesn’t mean you should stop being with people, and in my local park, South Park Gardens there are a load of kids having a good time having a game of football.

As a kid I loved music and was bought a new single or an album. If they love playing a musical instrument then buy them a simple books of tunes to play, or book them some lessons on playing an instrument.

School Children Play Musical Instruments Together Stock Photo 53973289 -  Megapixl

I knew a guy I worked with at Sitel who played the Guitar, and playing a musical instrument is a great skill to learn, because it helps them with co-ordination.

Have them write down their dreams and help them create a board of all the thing they dream of doing too, and have a chat about it.

Helping kids use their imagination unlocks the key to their mind and encourages them to talk, make decisions and be a kid.

They should have a good childhood and those that stop it, are selfish and are imbecilic. I have come to see that there are those that want to bring you down towards your children, but letting them dream and create memories is a childhood to remember and that is all we want at the end of the day, for our kids to be happy and have a fantastic future.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Teaching kids about bullying and abuse

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I think in this day and age that any act such as bullying and abuse carried out, should be looked into immediately and investigated, because it still does go on and I remember when working in the nursery in Wimbledon, when we had what was known as a “Peanut Drill”, that someone was trying to get in.

I was absolutely shitting myself, and tried to keep myself calm, but getting all the kids together without a fuss became a difficult task, and I couldn’t help but panic and the children were hysterical.

People who do this kind of act aren’t worth the blood they were born with, and as far as I am concerned, is the worst thing a person can do and they have no remorse at all.

It makes me see that abusing a child aswell as bullying can be hidden in families and you wouldn’t even know it, and yes they should all be locked up with the key thrown away and given life.

If they take a life they should get life and I am going to fight for it and have all Paedophiles nicked and given life with no rights at all.

My dad could bully me, but he never abused me and I do miss him so much. I am sad I never got to see him before he died and I am gutted about that, I thought he was against me too, but he was just angry.

He taught me how to fight back and yes, I did, and I will continue to fight for children’s rights and stop all abuse and bullying from happening and it is tricky and often controversial topic, but I feel I want to talk about it, as I would like victims of these kind of acts to tell their stories to help others do so aswell.

All kids who have lost their lives I want a monument built and all the names of kids that have died due to abuse in memory of them all, be called “The Angels of Heaven” and have their names on it.

Once a child’s life has been taken you can’t bring them back and yes it causes suicide too, and I felt that a lot this year and is not good when you hit rock bottom. I did take an overdose last Christmas, and I yes my son didn’t know what was going on, but I literally took 3 to 4 Diazepanes in one go. I was a complete mess.

Abuse and bullying can turn a happy go lucking child into a mess and is so soul destroying that it can cause hurt to an entire family, and those who I felt were there to look out for me weren’t and yes it has changed who I am, and it can make a child feel like that too.

If you are abused remember you can always called Childline and they will act straight away.

Those who laugh about it when doing an act of bullying or abuse aren’t human, they are animals and cowards and need to be taught that if you do this, then you need to do the time for doing the crime, and yes all schools, kids clubs, nurseries and playgroups should have a Safeguarding officer to stop it or a welfare office, which I would like to do one day and get it kicked put.

Stay Safe, Be Strong.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Looking after yourself as a parent

We as parents can be harsh on ourselves, like today when earlier I took him to park and when it was time to leave, he didn’t want to, and did have a tantrum, and there were some girls who didn’t want to play with him, and so when that happens he then wants to continue to try and be friends, so I took him out of that situation, and other childen can be mean, and so I didn’t want to stop his fun, but some bigger girls came into the park which looked like alcohol and I just felt we had to go, and yes I felt really bad, in doing that, but if Henry could play all day he would, but yet we still would have had to come home, now it gets darker earlier.

This is why it is good to pay us attention as we can forget about ourselves and often don’t give ourselves a break.

Love Yourself. Narcissistic, Self-confident Girl Hugged Herself. Vector  Concept Card or Postcard with Cute Smiling Young Girl Stock Vector -  Illustration of happy, flower: 158618017

It is time we did that, and Take 5, and I have spoken about this a lot on parentng as we need to take care of ourselves to stay on track with life, it that could be taking 5 minutes to make a cup of tea for ourselves, or to have a freshen up for the day, and so the first, tip I want to give is,

Tips1# Set a date with yourself.

So set a time and a day just for yourself and that can be a night out meeting friends and having a social life again, as this can all stop when becoming a parent, but we need that break, and to see different people.

Go to the Cinema, or a theatre show, along with a meal out and just take yourself out on a break.

The next tip I am gonna give to you, is set reward yourself, we do this for our kids but never ourselves but we should, do so,

Tip2# Reward yourself

This can be a jar of cofffee, or a coffee from the coffee shop, rather than making it yourself, or a date with the bath tub with some Epsom salts or gift set which has bath and shower products. I reward myself by doing self care and this time it was a magazine and a coffee in a coffee shop to read the magazine I bought.0

Why not reward yourself with getting a makeover, they used to do this in Boots and I have done this before when gone into Debenhams in Wimbledon and it is nice to have someone else to my makeup for a change.

Tip3# Getting fit and simple parenting fitness

This can be having a kick about with your kids, or have you and your kids follow you in doing a fitness routine, that the whole family can do, like Zumba or yoga, and even going swimming, obviously in this time of year an indoor pool, but is worth it. When I was pregnant with Henry I took up swimming and it was so nice, and a great form of exercise.

Wack on a fitness dvd or put on Youtube and do a workout, and great to do during nap time, if you not able to nap with them.

Tip4# Have a TV binge day

So today I did this watched Match of the day, then a political show and then a David Attenborough type of programme, and whilst my mum looked after Henry, I had time to go back to bed as I was super tired and just needed that extra lay down.

I did this also after being back from popping out myself, binged on TV and watch some cycling races, and then Wallis and Grommit film. It is good to have this type of day, especially when it is cold outside, and I find it super cosy.

So just take time and look after yourself, it is so important and gain back some peace and time to recuperate.

I do also make Youtube videos on parenting so here is a like to my channel and is under The Truth About Parenting:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X