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10 things I’ve learned as a parent

1. That I need 4 hands instead of two, I can multi task but some things such as pushing a pram whilst holding a shopping basket around supermarket just impossible.

2. How to change my sons nappy whilst competing a personal best, without him screaming he actually smiles and loves nappy change time. He just screams when clothes have to go back on, he loves baby massage and would recommend this class to all new mums or new mums to be.

3. How much I love the weekends when I can properly recuperate and let daddy take over, even though I still do the 4am feed of a morning; don’t know how that one works out but never mind.

4. How to bake and entertain my son at the same time lay him on his play mat or changing mat so he can watch TV or turn to see me so I can speak to him whilst I bake. Doesn’t last long though, but I enjoy the moment whilst it lasts.

5. How my husband can be given instructions about feeding and forget within 2 seconds and does something completely different to what I’ve said. Sorry guys don’t wanna be sexist but you do appear to have short term memory problems. To all mums write it down or send a text, and I know it gets on there nerves but nagging just does a purpose and appears to help daddy to remember.

6. I don’t mind people coming up to me and telling how much my baby has so much hair and is gorgeous, as it is nice, but why do they do it when I am carrying a heavy basket of shopping around a supermarket and trying to push the pram at the same time, hence whilst the majority of my shopping is done online. This brings me back to number 1, we ladies need more hands.

7. How teleshopping in the morning and the food network channel brings me delight when feeding my son at 4am. I tell you there are some good products out there, and good thing I don’t have time or money to buy otherwise I would be in serious debt.

8. Speaking to other mums is a God send and gives me comfort sharing experiences and I know I am not the only one who feels tired all the time. However good to speak to experience mums who know that things will get better as I am told. So even though I do suffer from insomnia and always have done, I should at some point get at least a good amount of sleep again.

9. That seeing my sons smile first thing in the morning makes up for my lack of sleep and I love that I get plenty of cuddles.

10. That how much it can be hard at times, every minutes counts to me to now and would not change or want to miss a thing.

So now my son is over 4 months and now passed 10 pounds, it is wonderful to see him do different and new things each day.  Everyday is different as not sure what to expect half of the time, but love the fact that I get to spend the first years of my sons life seeing him grow.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x