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Returning to work

As I was doing some studying for a new adventure, I am becoming a Nursery Assistant, and because of an article I came across, and because I wrote a section on this topic in my new book The Parenting Adventures, Baby to Toddler years, I thought I’d write about it in a blog.

It can be a tough decision to make to return to work. A lot of the time, we feel we have no choice because of financial reasons, but we can continuously feel guilty at the same time.

The article I came across on Bloglovin talked about balancing Working Mum Expectations Vs Reality 

Then there is Childcare costs aswell, it can feel like a massive weight on your shoulders, and deciding what to do.

I say weigh up the Pros and Cons, what are your fears about returning to work are and not returning to work.

If the reasons are financial then it maybe that returning to work would not be a good thing after all.

As a fellow mum, it can be a lonely world being a parent, so chatting with other mums can help too, and you never know they may be able to look after your child for a few hours, should you decide to return to work. The worse thing to do is to isolate yourself and so getting out for a couple of hours can help the mind decide on what do.

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Carrie X