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What’s in my Baby Changing Bag/ You don’t need to use a fancy changing bag

Hi there, thank you for viewing my blog, here I share my experience of being parent for the first time, and I have written two books related to The Parenting Adventures aswell.

The Parenting Adventures Pregnancy to the first nine months and The Parenting Adventure, Baby to Toddler years. Available from Amazon in paperback and kindle.

In this blog I am adding my new video, which is showing what I carry in my baby changing bag. You can watch below:

Please comment below of what other topics or experience I have that you wish for me to share being a first time mum.

Parenting isn’t easy, but you learn as your child develops  learns. There is no one way to parent, but be true yourself and what will benefit you and your child.

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Carrie X



Returning to work

As I was doing some studying for a new adventure, I am becoming a Nursery Assistant, and because of an article I came across, and because I wrote a section on this topic in my new book The Parenting Adventures, Baby to Toddler years, I thought I’d write about it in a blog.

It can be a tough decision to make to return to work. A lot of the time, we feel we have no choice because of financial reasons, but we can continuously feel guilty at the same time.

The article I came across on Bloglovin talked about balancing Working Mum Expectations Vs Reality 

Then there is Childcare costs aswell, it can feel like a massive weight on your shoulders, and deciding what to do.

I say weigh up the Pros and Cons, what are your fears about returning to work are and not returning to work.

If the reasons are financial then it maybe that returning to work would not be a good thing after all.

As a fellow mum, it can be a lonely world being a parent, so chatting with other mums can help too, and you never know they may be able to look after your child for a few hours, should you decide to return to work. The worse thing to do is to isolate yourself and so getting out for a couple of hours can help the mind decide on what do.

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Carrie X

Gift guide for babies and toddlers

There are so much choice when it comes to buying gifts for babies and toddlers that you can easily become overwhelmed and just want to hide underneath the duvet, and say “NOOOO CHRISTMAS COMING TOO SOON”.

However do not be scared you can get through it she says, having two more people to buy for. Already started Christmas shopping, but I have to because if I don’t I fear I will forget, and end up with nothing.

Also I don’t like that panic feeling so I start planning my Christmas gifts from January onwards I know I am crazy I hold my hands up.

So what do you buy?

This year I have gone for books and jewellery not giving too much away.

Why not buy a pop-up book, where they can open up some pages in the book for example my son loves the book called “I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet”

He loves this book and really helps them to engage in the book as there are some hidden animals inside and encourages to use their communication skills, by helping them to say the words of each animal.

I found this lovely Paddington bear book from Whsmiths, it is Paddington Bear goes to London, price £25.00, and it is a popup book too and bought this for my son and my niece for Christmas, one they can keep for when they have children on their own too. These gifts are great for passing down to each generation.

Paddington Pop-Up London: Movie tie-in: Collector'S Edition

The other thing is find a lovely children’s jewellery box and put little treats inside, and create a little hamper for them so they have some little gifts inside and it doesn’t have to be jewellery.

These just suggestions and a great way to personalise  your gifts.

So let me know what gifts you are buying for the children in your life this year it will be great to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X