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Getting your kids to tidy up

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If you are off school and taking government measures to do social distancing and in self isolation and you are stuck indoors, then why not try getting your kids to tidy up.

This is the perfect opportunity and in fact this blog was inspired by my son who on his own accord began to tidy away mine and his dad’s clothes away, not in the right place mind you, but he still managed to tidy a chunk away.

Why not get a load of bins and put them in places around the house and have all the kids in your household have a sort out in their bedrooms, kitchen supervised, bathroom and sort through their bath toys for example and make a day of it.

Use it to go through their toys and have a good deep clean of items. Working in a nursery setting it is surprising how so many items like kids toys can accumulate so many germs.

Have them label the bins and have once all is cleaned sort some toys out for donating.

Why not give them a chore chart and make a game of how many items they can pick up in a minute or do within 10 minute intervals, or hide items around the home for them to find and then they have to find the objects home.

This teaches kids about observation, decision making and being organized.

The more we encourage our kids to be tidy up the more they are likely to follow suit and continue on tidying up their toys rather living in a chaotic mess which can happen with children.

Please let me know what you are doing whilst practicing social distancing and if you have been struck by the  Coronovirus then I hope you do get better soon.

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5 Half Term Hacks

image for Parental hacks categoryHi all so in today’s post I wanted to share some hacks. I love a good hack and in today’s post I am going to share 5 Half Term Hacks

  1. Have all activities laid out the night before, easy for them to reach like books and homework
  2. Have their clothes laid out and shoes by the door with coats, scarves and hats
  3. Lay out chore charts on the table which they can mark off with stickers. You can get some great chore charts from stores such as Poundland (please see link) or make your own 
  4. Use a kids bucket when not used in the summer as extra storage I use my son’s in the kitchen at the moment for my cleaning items in the kitchen
  5. Hang their dirty wellies on clothes hooks once cleaned and washed

Half term can be tricky, but fun too and I will post more about Half term in my next post, but until then many thanks for reading.

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