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What do you do when your child doesn’t settle ?

Today was a challenge as my 3 month old son Henry would not settle today, he was happy for a while but doesn’t appear to settle down on his own at the moment and it is very hard.

I tried feeding him early which he did drink as I think he does get extra hungry during the day now, which is good in one respect as at least it isn’t at night time, but even this didn’t settle him. He did fall a sleep on me after his feed this afternoon and gave him extra to his normal amount and appeared to be sound a sleep. As soon as I put him in his Moses Basket his eyes opened and started to cry again. I tried to push the basket up and down as this does calm him but as soon as I stopped he would start to cry again.

I went through the changing of the nappy, but was fine, so it was a long old day today. He did settle a bit when Glen my husband took over whilst I went for a run but not for very long.

He seems to be more unsettled except yesterday as I gave him an earlier feed yesterday afternoon which did work,  but towards the end of the evening he appears more unsettled even after his last feed in the evening, but once he does sleep he is a sleep for a long time until the morning now which is a blessing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X