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Back at School after the Lockdown

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Today Henry went back to school, the first time since lockdown and I am kind of relieved that some normality has begun.

Getting kids ready for school is no easy task especially when their first initial answer is NO, so with Henry we do try bribery.

Now I know some people may frown upon that, but do I care, No I don’t.

At the end of the day you do what you gotta do, and when a kid is screaming blue murder you know there is no further option.

Henry got a little stressed because we didn’t cut through the large playground like we normally do, and all the classes are mixed at the moment, and so we have to follow the rules like everyone else, and so I just calmed him down as much as possible and passed him over to the teacher, praying that I don’t get a call later to pick him up because he has had a difficult day.

Children with ADHD like my son has, they can find change difficult so we did what we always do, and when I say we, me and my mother, showed him images of where he will need to go and what his classroom is like, as getting them prepared as much as possible does really help.

Also letting him choose an activity he can do in the car beforehand is a good distraction away from the new transition.

I would recommend planning the night before and saving yourself time is the key to a successful school run. I hate panicking and getting into a friendsey when if it had been done the night before like have all  their uniform ready and ready to grab, have his book bag filled with his school books and snack for the day and even getting out his shoes, are great time savers.

It really does and I even got up extra early today to give myself time to get ready. This meant having little sleep, but now after feeling like zombie fill right and rain.

So keep safe everyone and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Stop feeling guilty as a parent

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Why do we put so much pressure and guilt on ourselves?

A question I ask myself all the time. I am fed up of feeling guilty. I know I am a good person, its just at times I feel I need to reach out and express how I am feeling and what is going on with my life to get it out of my system and to help others who may be going through the same thing.

Why is that such a crime?

I wrote a similar blog some time ago, see below:

Do What You Got To Do And Stop Feeling Guilty

At the moment things are not great but I am keeping my head up high ignoring the critters and trying to be the best person I can, trying to make a living with my blogs, but yet with some people that appears to be wrong, and yet they are okay to say how they feel towards me.

As far as I am concerned it is two way street. As a parent I often feel guilty but I think why, my son is in no distress, he is still very cheerful and is full of life. 

I wrote a blog about:

How to support your kids through a marriage break up

It is a topic that is very common and hard to deal with at times, but when people get involved who has nothing to do with it, makes it worse and you end up being the one who carries the guilt.


I never judged them when they were going through a marriage break up, and when my mum and dad got divorced it was tough, hence why I moved away in the end, because I just couldn’t face it anymore.

I now feel the same… driven away.

This may be hard for people to read, perhaps because people can go into denial and pass the buck, but at the end of the day, why should I be given emotional black mail when if the tables were turned I would never dream of reacting the same.

Not one person can really get to grips with how another person is feeling only they know and judging other people is a no no in my book.

Just because it is something they wouldn’t do doesn’t make it wrong, so stop judging, stop making other people feel guilty and let people bring up their children as they wish, and stop the pressure and the guilt tripping, when we all know how hard it can be, to be a parent.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




How to support your kids through a marriage break up

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Hello and welcome to another parenting a blog.

Recently my husband and I have split up, and it hasn’t ended well, because a lot of things have been going on, and as always there are always those people who take sides and blame you.

They do this without them knowing the full story and jumping to conclusions.

A marriage breakup is caused by both parties and isn’t one sided. The father of my son has betrayed me and it has been tough, as now his dad sees him every weekend.

This blog is How to support your kids through a marriage break up. Don’t slag each other off in front of your child, and speak to each other in private.

At the moment I am in the place where I am unable to face my ex-husband because of what has been going on, which I can not proof, but at the same time respecting him being that he is still Henry’s father.

So keep it civil as much as possible and used delegating duties like my mum who is taking Henry over to see his dad, or his dad will pick him up.

Let the child choose who they wish to be with and don’t hold a grudge because of it. The child’s interest should come first and just let them see that you will support their needs as much as possible.

Ignore third parties, but do talk to someone yourself, because as parents and adults we need support too, and marriage break ups effects everyone.

The time it will be tough will be on seasonal holidays, but I know we will get through it and that, Henry may need to change schools, but that is up in the air at the moment and it important to concentrate on the now.

So remember when there is a marriage break up to look after your kids and talk to them about it too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Teaching kids to read

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Hello and welcome to another blog. Today I am talking about Teaching Kids to Read, because I think it an important skill to teach.

They need to learn to read for their own wellbeing, and so it is important children read 3-4 times a week, to understand words and their meaning.

  • Henry loves a good book and so do I. To begin try simple stories and rhymes, and books with just pictures without the words, and go over what they think is happening in each picture.

The one thing reading a book used to do, was calm Henry down, because when he was younger would often be quite grumpy after his nap in the afternoon, and it took reading a book calmly and softly, with music, to calmed him, and he would be happy again.

  • One way of getting Henry to identify words with sounds and pictures, was by using flashcards aswell as books.

Learning a word is one thing, but knowing what it means is another.

Henry knew from me reading to him what simple words like “Lunch” meant “Come here”, and getting him to read from an early age has really made huge difference. I find it helps with pronunciation, writing and they becoming more engaging.

  • Practicing reading by using Phonics books. Henry’s school has provided him with a couple of these books and what they do is help with the sound of the word.

Example: C__U__P

  • Use wall charts with words, letters, numbers and pictures. Great investment and Henry uses these a lot when learning at home, to help identify words and what they mean.

Please check this link for an example:

The one thing Henry would do is jump words in sentences so the next tip is,

  • Get them to say a sentence which they are stuck on a few times before moving on, and break it down for them. Doing the phonic books are great for this and then they will become fluent in reading those books
  • Let them choose a story from their collection, and to help do a silly voice or accent to help keep them engaged and get them to read a few larger sentences in the book aswell
  • Invest in a Easel a great tool to put up words, and the one thing we did was practice a word a day, and what it meant.
  • Use seasonal celebrations to help with their  reading, so read an easter book or a book about Christmas. Helps keep their momentum to read at a high, and Henry will often just pick up a book now and try and read it himself.

So I hope you are coping okay with this Lockdown, it can be boring even though yes it is important, but doing different activities like reading, can help break down the day.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X






How to deal with a child’s anger

Tantrum Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraphHenry rarely gets angry but watching a video by Mel Robbins inspired me to write this blog, because when he has been angry it has been tough going.

To protest he will sometimes begin to cry, throw things, pinch or bite.

  1. First off, try and calm them down by saying “I know you are angry this is what we are going to do” and give him options, “You listen and I will let you have that toy, but you must stop it or if you continue to be angry it will be a no”
  2. Get down to their level and make eye contact with them, and don’t shout try the Mel Robbins 5 Second rule and try to detour the negative reaction in them.
  3. Then leave them to calm down, as it important they learn to be independent in this factor for when he may get angry when they are older and at school. They need to learn how to defuse their own anger
  4. Take them to a quiet spot and away from the situation if out and about
  5. Sometimes it can be due to boredom so take them out, go for a drive and get some well earned fresh air

Seeing your child getting angry is never pleasant but you can by following above help to defuse the temper tantrum, and get on with your day.

Please share if your child has ever gotten angry and what you did to defuse the situation. You can keep up to date with my blogs by following me one WordPress.com

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


What to do with your kids during lockdown

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Hi everyone back with another blog, sharing some tips on What to do with your kids during lockdown:

  1. Try and stick to a routine as much as possible so it isn’t so much of  a shock to them for when they finally return to school
  2. Create them a learning or play corner of a room so they can do some homework, play games, draw pictures or create cards for family members and family friends that they aren’t able to see at the moment
  3. Have your kids help you with extra chores such as sweeping and cleaning the floors in the house etc
  4. Have a movie day or evening so they can watch their favourite films, with some popcorn, different healthy snacks and a drink of their choice
  5. Create them an email address for them so they can email friends and family to send a nice message to
  6. Have your children use this time to tidy their rooms and go through any clothes they have grown out of that can be passed down or given away or sort through along with any toys they no longer need
  7. Create some wall art by doing hand or foot prints to display using different coloured paints
  8. Have some reading time. I mention this a lot in my blogs, because I do think it is so important for a child’s learning and improve their writing and verbal skills
  9. If you have a garden why not have your children find different coloured leaves and flowers to wash and use for creating art and room decor
  10. Give your kids a cookery class, as during school days this isn’t always possible due to time, so using this time to do other bits and bobs is great for them to for example enhance their cooking skills

If you can think of anymore great ideas of what you can do during this Lockdown because of the COVID 19 Pandemic then please comment below.

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  1. Be creative and create poster for people to stay safe

5 Parental Strategies


Hi everyone and welcome to another blogpost. Today I m sharing some 5 Parental Strategies to help you with building your child’s growth and development and relationship:

  1. Allow them to make good choices in life
  2. Be calm and patient
  3. Be clear and precise
  4. Always reach their level to make eye contact
  5. Be honest but allow them to use their imagination

It is always good to set boundaries but  I am a great believer of learning through play and would often let Henry pretend now when plays football to do the commentary as it is good for words and communication.

When doing homework and chores, make it as fun as possible otherwise they will get bored.

Playing games like myself and my friends did, using the archers in the estate where we lived as houses, you could help the kids to build some Lego and do pretend play. It is all part of learning and a great for them to have interaction with you and their siblings.

Strategies help set boundaries for you and them. Please comment below of any further strategies you may have.

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What’s in my Baby Changing Bag/ You don’t need to use a fancy changing bag

Hi there, thank you for viewing my blog, here I share my experience of being parent for the first time, and I have written two books related to The Parenting Adventures aswell.

The Parenting Adventures Pregnancy to the first nine months and The Parenting Adventure, Baby to Toddler years. Available from Amazon in paperback and kindle.

In this blog I am adding my new video, which is showing what I carry in my baby changing bag. You can watch below:

Please comment below of what other topics or experience I have that you wish for me to share being a first time mum.

Parenting isn’t easy, but you learn as your child develops  learns. There is no one way to parent, but be true yourself and what will benefit you and your child.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


New Mother and Baby Chat video

I recently made a new Mother and Baby chat video on Youtube, talking about toilet training and my son starting school this week. Please see video below:

I hope you enjoy watching this video and if you would like to see more than do let me know in the comments section below.

Many thanks,


Carrie X

Toilet Training Success

I have been putting off of writing this blog, because every time I think we have succeeded with the toilet training Henry has an accident, but we are having less accidents now so we are succeeding. Last Friday he had no accidents at nursery, just when he was in the car, but the traffic near where we live is bedlam at the moment and took my husband 50 minutes from nursery to home so Henry had wet himself in the car.

However we are having super success and he is even doing number two’s in the toilet too. Sorry for the TMI.

We have just been putting him on the toilet every 2 to 3 hours or before or after he has eaten so he gets into a routine and has started to go to the toilet on his own. I think the accidents are caused, due to him occasionally forgetting or not realising he needs to go.

Image result for cartoon images of toilet training a toddler

My mum has really helped with it, it is good to have someone to help who has been there and done it. Toilet training children isn’t easy and letting them see you go can help, so they get to understand that they need to use the toilet now for wee’s and pooh’s, and Henry now is no longer in nappies during the day and we have had days where there has been no accidents at all.

I am even going to stop putting a nappy on him when he has a nap during the day, but the naps during the day are becoming less and less too.

Henry didn’t like using public toilets so we have this portable seat which you put over a normal size toilet seat so they don’t fall down the hole.

Image result for portable toilet seats

These are great my mum bought us one for Henry and you can get them from Boots. One tip thought, put black stoppers underneath, helps to keep the portable seat still.

They come with a little bag you can put them in so easy to carry around and remember to wipe them over once used, I clean ours every time it is used. So carry some antibacterial wipes with you, when out to help keep the seat clean.

If you have any toilet training advice then all advice is welcomed. It has been a long process but pleased we are getting there and finally having some success.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X