Celebrate the Queens Jubilee with your kids

Yes it is! and I am so looking forward to the street parties because of this birthday to the Queen. She is an amazing lady and so would love to meet her in person to tell her, instead though my son wrote to her and received a reply.

I would encourage you to have your children write to her and I did as a kid when at Primary School, wrote to Prince William and called him, “Mr William” and I can’t remember if I did receive a reply, but glad I did that.

We Brits like a celebration, and so there will be many street parties, and so why not do one aswell even if you aren’t from the UK, as it will be a memory that will be great for them to tell to their children in years to come.

Have your kids create decorations for it and flags. I remember back when I was a kid celebrating the Royal Weddings, and celebrating the Queens I think 25th anniversary of being Queen and I appeared in a local paper, The Fulham Chronicle, and was dressed in a blue, white and red outfit, and then you had the Royal Weddings.

Tell the story of the Queen, and her life leading up to being the Queen. Have them write a story of the Queen and of the this Jubilee celebration. It will be a good memory and if you take photos for the celebrations, create some wall art, like a collage of this anniversary and with Henry we made a crown.

I wrote about this in my daily blog on google: https://mydailythougthsandfeelings.blogspot.com/2022/05/what-to-do-when-it-is-raining-during.html

Have your children make their own invitation to invite people to your street party and have a seating plan.

Create some cup cakes and have them decorate them for the day.

Then there is Bunting, all you need is string and paper and cut them into triangles, and have them decorate plates for it and cups. Play some Jubilee games like parcel parcel, lucky dips and egg and spoon race. Just making it fun for them to cherish and look back to smile so if there are other celebrations in the future, then they can then tell their kids and lots of things can be passed down, like clothes and have a Platinum Jubilee jumble sale.

The ideas are endless but having fun is the key.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


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