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Being a learner parent, it is important for me to continue learning. There is no better way to educate myself, than to learn from other parents who were a new mum too and now have a more experience than me, and from experts who work on Baby and Children Development.

On this page I will be recommending some videos and websites which are really helpful to yourself and your child.

The first thing I am going to recommend is this website and link about helping with your children’s development, such as speech and talk.

My mum sent it to me by email, and it is really interesting, as it goes through different activities and games you can play, no cost involved, and you can even use chores such as laundry or cleaning up as a game. (see link above for further details)

As my son has slightly Development Delay, he now has Occupational Therapy to help, please see my blog

Don’t be worried if your child doesn’t respond straight away, as children, going on what I have discovered from observing my son and other children, is that they will pick up the skills but will do them in their own time.

You will find that they will randomly say a word that you have been trying to get them to say for months.

The second link I am going to recommend is a video by Whats up mom and she has created a video showing some simple DIY games you can create for your child. (Check out video below):

Do it on a Dime creates some great videos on Youtube about organisation, storage ideas, low cost, budget and DIY home decor and gift ideas, but also has created some good useful tips for parents too on her videos.

Here is one I recommend about introducing your child to a new baby. My brother has 3 children and sometimes when another child is coming into the world, it can effect the other child. (See video below):

I hope you found this first post on my new page helpful, and please if you know of some good links, which help support to us parents, then please do let me know. All tips and information is truly welcome.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X