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Getting your kids to tidy up

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If you are off school and taking government measures to do social distancing and in self isolation and you are stuck indoors, then why not try getting your kids to tidy up.

This is the perfect opportunity and in fact this blog was inspired by my son who on his own accord began to tidy away mine and his dad’s clothes away, not in the right place mind you, but he still managed to tidy a chunk away.

Why not get a load of bins and put them in places around the house and have all the kids in your household have a sort out in their bedrooms, kitchen supervised, bathroom and sort through their bath toys for example and make a day of it.

Use it to go through their toys and have a good deep clean of items. Working in a nursery setting it is surprising how so many items like kids toys can accumulate so many germs.

Have them label the bins and have once all is cleaned sort some toys out for donating.

Why not give them a chore chart and make a game of how many items they can pick up in a minute or do within 10 minute intervals, or hide items around the home for them to find and then they have to find the objects home.

This teaches kids about observation, decision making and being organized.

The more we encourage our kids to be tidy up the more they are likely to follow suit and continue on tidying up their toys rather living in a chaotic mess which can happen with children.

Please let me know what you are doing whilst practicing social distancing and if you have been struck by the  Coronovirus then I hope you do get better soon.

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Getting kids to do their homework

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Getting kids to do their homework can be like banging your head against the wall, because like my son after a long day he’ s had enough of education by then and to be honest when I was at school I felt exactly the same.

So how do you get kids to do their homework,

  1. Have a routine, so the more they know that it is time to sit down and do some work even if it is reading, the less reluctant they will be and will usually conform after several attempts and be used to knowing that now it is time for homework
  2. Make it fun, I created some charts and use flash cards a lot
  3. Ask questions to build up their interest, as they will interact more
  4. Create a homework plan if it makes it easier and then your child will be prepared for each day

Image result for free clipart kids and parents doing their homework

5.  Have an aim for each day, so for example for Henry it is for him to write more and because being a writer myself and a lover of books it is important for me to see Henry practice his reading, along with working on numbers and different words

6. Set goals for them, so they have a target for each part of the year, and work along with the school to see what their targets are so you can work together with them to enhance your childs learning

7. Remember to praise and reward during and after homework is completed and it will help make them look forward to it rather then dread and be something they want to do rather than what they have to do.

Check out an example of a homework planner I have created for my son Henry which you could use too below:

Copy of Henrys weekly homework Planner

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5 Parenting Dilemmas

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As parents we can face many parenting dilemmas, here are 5 Parenting Dilemmas I am sure you can identify with, such as:

1, Getting your kids ready to be leave for school. Thankfully I delegate these responsibilities to my husband in terms of getting him ready in the mornings, but I will take him to school and get him out of the house. I have to make sure we leave 20 minutes before because he wants to continuously watch the buses and planes fly over so getting to school can be a challenge at times. So if your kid does the same then always give yourself extra time to get ready and when leaving for school.

2, Toilet training. During the day he is fully trained, but at night it is still a working progress but he has had some dry nights. You just have to persevere and try not to use pull them ups if possible as in my experience they do not help matters and can confuse the toilet training process, because they can become to used to wearing them and going in them rather than using the toilet at night. Getting them to do a dream wee can help which is as soon as you hear them murmur get them up even if you have to carry them and assist them when going to the loo.

3. Doing homework. Have a homework routine daily. I know they are tired but it has to be done and will help when they go onto further education. The more they can learn now whilst they are young the better.

4.Meal times. Henry like last night fell a sleep before dinner so I will give him something when he gets in so we can all eat together in the evening. Or he wants to play so we  set boundaries. Meals times should be a family time and should be kept that way, once food is eaten then they can leave the table and can continue to play, have quiet time.

5. Bath time. If you have read my first book The Parenting Adventures Pregnancy to the first nine months about bath time which is available in paperback in chapter 5. Bath time wasn’t easy. Since then though it has been a lot better, he will sit down in the bath and only likes it when I give him a bath, but find it is a great way to bond.

So what dilemmas have you faced and what has helped you, I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

I would like to recommend this Pinterest page which I have discovered called Parenting Dilemmas.

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5 Parental Strategies


Hi everyone and welcome to another blogpost. Today I m sharing some 5 Parental Strategies to help you with building your child’s growth and development and relationship:

  1. Allow them to make good choices in life
  2. Be calm and patient
  3. Be clear and precise
  4. Always reach their level to make eye contact
  5. Be honest but allow them to use their imagination

It is always good to set boundaries but  I am a great believer of learning through play and would often let Henry pretend now when plays football to do the commentary as it is good for words and communication.

When doing homework and chores, make it as fun as possible otherwise they will get bored.

Playing games like myself and my friends did, using the archers in the estate where we lived as houses, you could help the kids to build some Lego and do pretend play. It is all part of learning and a great for them to have interaction with you and their siblings.

Strategies help set boundaries for you and them. Please comment below of any further strategies you may have.

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5 Half Term Hacks

image for Parental hacks categoryHi all so in today’s post I wanted to share some hacks. I love a good hack and in today’s post I am going to share 5 Half Term Hacks

  1. Have all activities laid out the night before, easy for them to reach like books and homework
  2. Have their clothes laid out and shoes by the door with coats, scarves and hats
  3. Lay out chore charts on the table which they can mark off with stickers. You can get some great chore charts from stores such as Poundland (please see link) or make your own 
  4. Use a kids bucket when not used in the summer as extra storage I use my son’s in the kitchen at the moment for my cleaning items in the kitchen
  5. Hang their dirty wellies on clothes hooks once cleaned and washed

Half term can be tricky, but fun too and I will post more about Half term in my next post, but until then many thanks for reading.

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Half term tears and tantrums

Image I took driving around Richmond Park

Hi all yes it is half term and with the weather like it is, it is hard to know what to do.

We have had a few tears and tantrums whilst having a coffee in Richmond Park, which is one of Britain’s biggest parks and you can see some of London’s buildings from there too. Great place for kids to play some rugby or football or have a run around and get in touch with nature.

Don’t forget there are other national parks in and around London and farms, such Hobbledown and Bocketts Farm or even London Zoo.

Doing time out and getting Henry to sit down and think about his behaviour seems to be doing the trick at the moment when it comes to tears and tantrums, and the other thing we have been disciplined in doing is making sure he does his homework from school.

This is consisting of doing some reading, writing, activities like playing with Lego to get Henry to use his hands more and get in touch with his hand motor skills and playing games like hungry frogs.

I think keeping a routine during the school holidays to be tricky but for us routine works better and it is good to get out earlier in the day rather than later as they can become lethargic and fatigued later on, and this can lead to Henry kicking off.

The other great things to do during half term is to get them to do is to spend the time to grow their independence, for example if they can’t get dressed themselves yet start getting them to do it now, because there is no rush and gets them into a more of a routine when they go back to school or nursery.

I also like the Soft Play activity rooms for Henry we have a few near us in the Rainbow Leisure centre and Leatherhead Leisure Centre, There is the Soft Play in the Once Upon A Time Cafe but this is more for smaller kids.

So what kind of things do you do during half term I’d love to hear please get in touch by commenting below.

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Teaching music to children

Image result for free cartoon images teaching kids music

The one thing myself, my son’s dad and our son loves is music and is a great way to teach children about sounds and words, along with rhythm and singing, using their voices and the sight and hearing.

I love that my son and I will often get up and dance and was one thing he found soothing, when he would have a tantrum or a meltdown.

I would encourage all parents to use music to help their children and spend some time bonding through music. Write a song together.

I loved my keyboard as a kid and do you remember your first record?

I do it was Mirror Mirror by Dollar. I even remember my first record player it was pink and I would spend hours playing my records.

I live my life through music and it good to look back on photos and help your child create their own play list or make a special family CD.

Musical instruments are not expensive and there are many kids ones out there on the market to encourage them to play and create sounds and practice making sounds and you can do this to help with vocabulary by playing to the beat of the word.

The one club I would encourage mums with smaller babies to go to is Monkey Music, as it teaches children about just that.

So lets kick our shoes off and hit those sounds out.

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I did not plan to write this, but I had to. As soon as I went into that church today I felt I needed to write about it, because it literally BLEW ME AWAY!

I am not allowed to share any videos or pictures to protect the school and children, I just wanted to tell the world how amazing it was.

As soon as I got into that church I could hear amazing singing. I thought it was from a CD that was being played, but hearing the vicar speak opened my eyes to the fact that it was in fact the children. As soon as they got into the church they sprung into song and it was like being in heaven, and what I imagine heaven to sound like, it was that good.

I remember the church services from when I was a kid, they were fun and enjoyable as I got to participate in a few, mainly Primary school, by playing the recorder, singing in the choir or even playing a part in the nativity play, but we relied on hymn sheets and books, often getting the words wrong and only a few would sing.

Looking back, now I am in my 40’s being at the school church services were important to me. Even after I had my heart operation as a child, I have a hole in the heart, I still made sure I attended the school services especially at Christmas. I remember feeling sad and disappointed for not being part of it that year and couldn’t wait to join in again. It was the year where I finally got the part I wanted. To be the Shepherd, I have no idea why, but I did and so when I couldn’t take part that year I remember feeling like I had “Lost my chance”.

I remember having the hymn book often being on the wrong page and not knowing all the words, and miming because I was often too self conscious to sing out loud, but today it was so different.

At Henry’s school church service today it was all about the children, which school should be about, because school wouldn’t be a school without them, and they took charge of that service today. The vicar did say a few words and read a sermon, but most of it was about the children, and when they sang and had the words of the songs on the TV screens, and watching and observing the children I was totally amazed. Not one of them had looked at those screens and still sang the songs like they had been singing them all their lives and for years, and it touched me from my head to my toes and I had to at one point hold back the tears.

It BLEW ME AWAY and beat Songs of Praise out of the window. After seeing this and being there today, I thought afterwards they should do a school songs of Praise or even be in the charts. I could have listened to these children all day long, it was so wonderful and magical, that all the unhappiness I felt today, as yesterday did not go well for me at all, completely disappeared.

It also made me see that my own prayers were answered today. I understand that everyone has different beliefs, but I do think especially after today that there is someone out there looking after us all, including me.

I couldn’t find my son’s reins this morning and last night. I looked everywhere and was panicking slightly. However I had to admit defeat “They were gone” so I thought okay, I am off today and free, so I’ll go with him. I am so glad I did and I can’t help think that this was fate, as far as I am concerned and God or someone had my back, because if I had found those reins I would not have seen that today and I did.

I think it was someone showing me that however tough yesterday was or this morning was “You are going to be fine and there are still some wonderful things that can make you happy in this world” and often it is something out of the blue, or right on your doorstep.

I am even going to email the school to tell them because I want to let them know that those children were ASTONISHINGLY BRILLIANT AND TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The other thing was, they had the older children help the younger children by holding hands to and from the church. What a lesson that is to them, and they will gain so much from that, that I am not sure that even the teachers, helpers or parents even know how much this is a massive life lesson to them. They are going to benefit so much from that. They would have never dreamed of doing this at my Primary school. When I was a kid I was bullied by the older kids and they had to separate the older children from the younger ones, and keep the gates locked and I dreaded some of the days at school.

Henry loves going to school and the kids are so respectful, even when some of the older children jumped ahead, as soon as a teacher told them to come back, they did without arguing or kicking off and we all made it back to the school without a fuss.

So if your child has a church service this year and you have the chance to go, then after today, if it is anything like today I would say go, because you will be as astonished and blown away like I was today.

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Watch “Parenting 101: Tips for Talking to Kids” and “Stop Trying to be perfect” on YouTube


I so needed to blog today, it was a tough day so far. It was one of those days  where I thought I was doing a good job but turns out that I wasn’t.

However if you too have had one of those days or you also have had that type of day today then just tell yourself,

“you will get through it”

We can often feel as parents that we are getting it right only to find out that we are wrong, because someone else does it this way. You can feel like you can never win, or that your child will not listen to you no matter what.

Please check out these videos below, sharing tips on on how to talk to kids and stop trying to be perfect:

Sometimes as parents we can continuously think we are getting it wrong, but all we can do is do our best, and that goes for most things in life.

We were not born to be perfect we were born to live our lives the best we can and pass on what we know to our children as much as possible!

Check out this video below by Mel Robbins about Stop trying to be perfect. She talks about how she forgot to pick up her son from school and felt terrible, but she had a realization from her son, find out more by watching this video:

I have also written a couple of blog posts in relation to these videos about Effective Communication and Never try to be perfect/create good habits instead.

So I hope if today has not been a good one for you too so far then grab yourself a cuppa when you can, and if you need to go into a room and scream into a pillow then do.

Image result for free images scream into pillow

If you have tips on talking to kids and of times like Mel Robbins when you have felt that you haven’t been the perfect mum and what happened, then please share if you wish to.

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Watch “I’m A Stay-At-Home Mom…Again! || Mayim Bialik” on YouTube! Blogmas day 14!


If you are a “Stay At-Home-mum” or have been like I was 6 years ago when I first had Henry then you’ll know that it can be hard at times, whilst your husbands at work and you have to go it alone.

However if you watch this video below it will remind you how fast they grow. There will come a point when they won’t need you so much, because they become independent and so will not call you so much.

If you were born in the 80’s and the 90’s you may remember a US sitcom called Blossom and also since then has been in the Big Bang Theory.

She does great content on Youtube and I will be sharing more of her videos especially on parenting because I have found them to be really helpful and useful.

It is the wonderful Mayim Bialik, please see her video below:

So if you have any stories you would like to share of being a Stay At Home mum then please share if you wish, you can comment below. 

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