Good Home Learning Classes For Your Kids

Hello and welcome! So it is time for another parenting blog post. In this post I am going to give tips on Good Home Learning Classes for your kids:

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  • Have a baking or cookery class and get all each child to make a cake or a meal they love or how to cook a family meal. Have them choose a list of recipes to cook each week
  • Writing class have them write stories, poetry or even a blog post.
  • Letter writing class and how to create a C.V for the future and the skills they already have
  • Show your children how to create a vision board for themselves and what they would like to do when they are older, if there is a country they would to go to once Lockdown has been lifted and skills they would like to learn when they get older
  • A home dance class and how to put together a dinner party for friends and family to celebrate the end of COVID once it arrives
  • Reading classes and have a home book club where you read the same book or different one and what the books are about
  • Have a web development or IT course to help them for future learning and skills that will help them once their school years are over and start working or why not have a home and family website where other kids could create and share stuff, obviously with adult supervision so noone or unwanted people use it
  • Organization class and filing and have them file school documents or their art work they bring home
  • A home drama club and have your children create a play or a show that you can Zoom for other kids (their friends) and family can watch and still have contact with their love ones
  • Do a Science class, and their are tools and kids Science books that can give you tips and information
  • Art and crafts lesson where they can use dried rice and pasta or potatoes to create art work and “Thinking of you cards” for friends and relatives they can’t see at the moment
  • Do a home fitness class for your children and The Body Coach did a lot of videos for the previous lockdown and you can still use these on Youtube
  • Do a gardening lesson where each child can plant a seed and if you can’t buy these at the moment in stores then you can online and show them how to look after a garden and can plant a seed in the garden
  • Have a history lesson and talk about the Royal Family or about London or England, wherever you may be. Have them create their own family tree
  • Have childrens bingo evening or Quiz night. It can be as fun as possible and just helps them learn without feeling that is a chore.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that we have to stop using our imagination and just make days fun aswell as educational.

I have a new website which is a site to help children who or are being abused or bullied:

So many thank for reading and stay safe and strong,

Carrie L.M X

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