Watch “Parenting 101: Tips for Talking to Kids” and “Stop Trying to be perfect” on YouTube


I so needed to blog today, it was a tough day so far. It was one of those days  where I thought I was doing a good job but turns out that I wasn’t.

However if you too have had one of those days or you also have had that type of day today then just tell yourself,

“you will get through it”

We can often feel as parents that we are getting it right only to find out that we are wrong, because someone else does it this way. You can feel like you can never win, or that your child will not listen to you no matter what.

Please check out these videos below, sharing tips on on how to talk to kids and stop trying to be perfect:

Sometimes as parents we can continuously think we are getting it wrong, but all we can do is do our best, and that goes for most things in life.

We were not born to be perfect we were born to live our lives the best we can and pass on what we know to our children as much as possible!

Check out this video below by Mel Robbins about Stop trying to be perfect. She talks about how she forgot to pick up her son from school and felt terrible, but she had a realization from her son, find out more by watching this video:

I have also written a couple of blog posts in relation to these videos about Effective Communication and Never try to be perfect/create good habits instead.

So I hope if today has not been a good one for you too so far then grab yourself a cuppa when you can, and if you need to go into a room and scream into a pillow then do.

Image result for free images scream into pillow

If you have tips on talking to kids and of times like Mel Robbins when you have felt that you haven’t been the perfect mum and what happened, then please share if you wish to.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x

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