Teaching our kids everyday tasks

Teaching Children about everyday tasks like putting their shoes away once they have taken them off, really has helped with my sons development and so it important you try and get them to do everyday things each day.

Henry knows that when he leaves a room of example to close the door, and to take his school uniform off and get changed once he is home from school, and does his homework.

I came across these video about how to get your child to do activities that include everyday tasks, and how you can make there items they need more accessible.

Cleaning up after themselves once they have eaten, gone to the toilet and after they have played with toys, to encourage them to tidy them away before using another item to play with.

When they have eaten put their plates in the sink, and yes I will once my son it tall enough, will have him learn to wash up after himself too.

I think it is so important for their independence to establish everyday skills. So if they aren’t able to open a draw or cupboard, show them but don’t tell them, and they will then establish how to do it themselves.

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