Santa Claus is coming to town

My first Christmas as a parent and never thought I would have needed to take so much just to stay one night at my mums on Christmas day to boxing day. 6 large bags, 3 for baby and a basket (for his changing stuff) and 3 with presents. Only a small amount contains items for me and my husband; there wasn’t anymore room for much else. Thankfully we were going to my mums by car.


Henry was oblivious to the what was going on around him, no idea about the tug of war we had with the car seat, trying to adjust the straps and workout how the seatbelt goes, doesn’t help when it is pouring with rain either. I got to say car seats are not parent friendly and doesn’t help not having the instructions to hand will put on list to search.

No matter how you position your baby they always look uncomfortable even though he appeared to not as said give a blind bit of notice. He slept through the whole of the day practically until 8pm in the evening after fighting to get him changed for night time; he even slept through dinner with Christmas crackers going off, I just wish he would do this for the whole of night, but he is getting better touch wood.

It was nice having the night off too, as nan and Grandpa Tot took care of Henry for the night, but I still woke up at 4:30am and so checked to see if Henry needed his feed but had already been done and was a sleep.

However it did go smoothly and even though he will not have any idea about this Christmas it was good that he was here to give that extra buzz to the festive season.

It was nice that mummy got to have a drink at last too, not Christmas unless I can have a glass of snowball.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading,

Carrie x



One thought on “Santa Claus is coming to town

  1. Loved the photos on Gemma facebook So pleased you had a good time.
    Boxing Day was very quite without all of you.Love Fai xxx

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